How Long Does a Roof Last?

Wood Shingles on Roof

Wood Shingles on Rooftop

The length of time that you can expect you roof to last depends on many things. The materials that create the roof and the weather that the roof will have to withstand both can drastically change how long you can expect your roof to last. Here is a quick walk-through of nine different roofing materials and how long you should expect them to last once you install them.


One of the most common types of roofing material that a Newport Beach commercial roofing contractor sells is asphalt shingles. These are in use on just about any house you want. They are cheap, fire resistant, and easy to repair. They do however only last between fifteen and thirty years which is pretty short for a roof.

The Natural Wood

Next, we have wooden shingles. These have a natural look, are easy to repair or replace, and if you keep up on the maintenance, you can expect to get between thirty and fifty years of life from them. These will need professional installation and have high maintenance costs though.


A metal roof can come in many colors. These lightweight and durable pieces are friendly to the environment, have excellent performance in bad weather, and can even be installed right on top of your existing roof. They should last you fifty years if taken care of. They may need some painting every once in a while.


Tile is attractive and fire-proof. They are extremely durable when you put for the effort to keep them maintained. These can last a long time. Longer than most other materials.


Slate is very beautiful and has a very distinctive look to them. They are fire-proof and need hardly any maintenance. They also need special installation and are heavy. They last a long time. It would not be unheard of to see a hundred year old slate roof.


Fiber reinforced concrete comes in many colors and styles to choose from. They resist fire, are lightweight, and need little maintenance. Fifty years is a good estimate for how long a roof made with this material will last.

Flat roof

A flat roof is very inexpensive and easy to fix. It stinks though. The fumes it puts of promote fog and the people who install it take health risks putting it on.


Glass-reinforced plastic, or fiberglass, is waterproof, lightweight, and inexpensive. There are many shapes and colors available as well and they are safe for the environment. This type of material is not recommended for cold weather climates because they chip easily, especially in the cold. This material should put between thirty and fifty years on your roof.

Engineered Rubber

There is a material that is new to the market that you may want to give a shot. Engineered rubber or plastic comes in at a third of the weight of slate. It looks good, is available in many colors and styles, and cost-effective. They come out of recycled materials which is a huge plus. These roofs last anywhere between thirty and fifty years, as well. Your rubber neoprene flashing will not even last that long.

The life of your roof all depends on many factors. Most importantly, what material your roof is out of decides how long it will last on your roof. Other factors play much roles. If you do not keep your roof well maintained, it is also bound to not last as long as it should. The last reason that comes into play is whether it is installed properly. The materials used on roofs today will last you anywhere from fifteen to over a hundred years. The longer the life of the roof,


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