Landscape Design for Autumn

Landscape Design

Landscape Design

Autumn brings the warmest and rich colors that nature has to offer us. There are many things you can do to use these colors in your home’s landscaping. Here are some basic tips to help you create an outdoor area in the backyard that is immersive and memorable.

Block Visual

One thing that is often overlooked is how you can use large shrubs or small trees to block visual access to different areas. By not being able to see every part of the garden from one spot, visitors get a sense that the garden just goes on an on. You will need to plan where to put these things so that in the future they will do the job you want them to.

 Plant Evergreens

Planting evergreen trees around the edge of your yard will, down the line, end up being a wall that separates your yard from your neighbors. It is also creating a great backdrop for the rest of the items in your garden.

Plant Groundcover

Groundcover is a great way to cut weeds and create a carpet of vegetation and color. Since you already have a ceiling of color this time of year, complement it with something like a cranberry cotoneaster. It will have red and purple leaves and a red fruit that blends in well with this time of the year.


Adding a couple of structures to your garden will add a lot of style to your area. You can use a fence, pergola, or a stone retaining wall for interesting complements. Using materials like stone give it a very natural appeal. These can add some great landscape design.

Having plants that have different looks in different season will give your garden the look of always changing. For example, a pagoda dogwood blooms with wonderful white flowers in the spring, while producing cluster s of blue berries in the summer. Visit a landscape showroom near you to check out some of the things that are on show.


Having a waterway in your garden is useful for many reasons. If you are close to the traffic of the city, splashing water will help to filter the street noises and make your yard feel secluded. The water’s reflection will also double the impact of nearby flowers and trees.

If you repeat the same shape throughout your landscape, you are effectively building a theme. Trim a few kinds of evergreens and shrubs the same relative shape and size for an interesting effect.


You can create texture by displaying ornamental grasses. Enhance the delicate look of the grass by planting other delicate plants around the area.


Like in any form of art, contrast is vitally important to making things stand out. By placing an item that is dark beside an item that is light, they will play off of each other and stand out better.

Adding little touches all around to show your own personality injects an artistic element into your garden. Wind chimes, ornaments, and bird baths are all great choices to give your garden a little style.

The last tip is to keep an area set aside for you and those visiting your garden to rest. Have a couple comfy chairs to sit in and enjoy the scenery from. This gives the visitor somewhere to really draw in everything that they have seen.

Autumn is a great time to decorate outside. With all the natural beauty to work with, so many combinations of color, texture, and design are used in your garden. These tips should help you create something truly remarkable.

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