How to Transform a Basement

Basement Remodel

Basement Remodel

Many homeowners in the Tempe, AZ area have recently been considering basement remodeling. There are many reasons for this type of home remodeling project and homeowners can reap many benefits. It can open up an entire new space which can be useful as an extra bedroom, home office, family room or a home theater. It is very possible that this area of the home which is only being used for storage can be transformed into a highly functional area and adds usable square footage to the Tempe, AZ home. There are several things that need plenty of thought before diving into this type of project.

Clear Definition of how the Space will be Used

Before starting the basement remodeling in Tempe, it is very important to determine exactly how you want the extra space to be used. If you are turning it into a home gym or exercise room you may only need to add some lighting, electrical outlets and allow adequate space to place various types of fitness equipment. But if you are transforming the basement into a family room or a bedroom you will need to think about drywall to cover the concrete walls, new flooring, additional lighting and plenty of aesthetic touches to create a more livable and enjoyable space. If you plan ahead, you will save money in the long run.

Storage and Cleanup

In order to transform your basement into a functioning room, you will have to go through all the items that are likely stored in the unused area. Some of the things you will want to find alternative storage options for; and other items you will need to get rid of altogether. Determine exactly what items you really need and where they can be properly stored. Things like holiday decorations and other seasonal items will need to be organized and stored. You may even want to include a storage solution in the basement remodeling project. This might be extra cabinetry, shelving or creating new closets in order to create an aesthetically pleasing storage solution.

Safety of the Basement

Now that your basement is going to become part of your home’s living space, you will want to make sure that it is safe for use. Double check to ensure that there is no water infiltration seeping through the concrete on the walls or floor. Inspect for any foundational cracks which can occur when a house settles. Certainly make sure that there are no broken plumbing lines or tree roots that may cause problems down the road. Before starting any basement renovations, it is advisable to have an independent contractor or a home inspector take a look at the basement. Any trouble areas should be fixed completely by a professional contractor before proceeding.

Convert the Space

After you are certain that the space is safe for your project the transformation can begin. You can get a lot of ideas by perusing through interior design magazines and even looking through online resources for basement remodeling ideas. The possibilities are really limited only by your imagination. If you are hiring a home remodeling contractor, explain in great detail what your goals are; and if it’s possible, provide them with photos. Remember to include sources for heat and air conditioning. Basements normally stay cooler since they are underground, so it may not be necessary to include plans for air conditioning. But you will want to provide a source of heat in order to ensure the area remains comfortable. You’ll also need to make certain that all of the electrical and plumbing work that’s included is completed by a licensed professional and meets the local codes which are required in Tempe, AZ.


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