How to Get Your Furnace Ready for the Winter


When all the leaves are changing color and the temperature is slowly starting to drop around New Providence NJ, you have the perfect time to have your furnace and heater serviced by a professional. You can do it any time of the year, but, at this point, you can have your air conditioner that has worked so hard for you all summer checked for problems, and have your furnace repair out-of-the-way.

Regular Maintenance

Having your systems maintained each year will lengthen its life. You may spend a bit of money on the check-up, but replacing a whole heating system can bust the bank. Having in checked on promises that it is running its best. The better a heaters health is, the less they have to run, the less energy they consume, and the more efficiently they heat all areas of your home.

Every year, there are a few things that need done to make sure your furnace stays at optimum performance, starting with cleaning. The blower gets cleaned out and the dust removed. The motor itself can use a cleaning to make sure that it does not end up over-heating. The systems filters need cleaned out as well to help keep filtering out bad things from your homes air. Realize that the prime reason for a furnace failing before its time is dirt.

Filter Replacement

During the heating season, the furnace filter needs replaced once a month. While your maintenance man is at your home, you may want to ask them to teach you the proper way of replacing this filter.

Advanced Cleaning

There are also belts and pulleys that attach to the blower that need cleaned during the furnace inspection. An oil filter inside your furnace needs replaced as well. You can adjust the burner at this point, but it you do not know what you are doing, leave it to a professional. Finally, after all of this cleaning and replacing, take a good long look at everything. Make sure that it turns on and starts blowing hot air. Figure out if the furnace works with the temperature as well. Some issues can break the link between the furnace and the thermostat.

While servicing your furnace, if a technician comes up with any big issues, they will tell you, and describe how it to fix it. This could save you from losing your heat in the middle of the winter which leaves your home open to all kinds of problems like freezing water pipes that break under the pressure.

You will save money in the long run and a huge amount of hassle if you just have your heating and cooling system checked out once a year. Making it during the fall will make sure that your furnace is good and ready for the cold winter. By cleaning the heater thoroughly, replacing old parts before they break, and checking on the general health of your furnace every year, you are lengthening the life of the system and avoiding failures.

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