Luxury Bathroom Design

Bathroom Floor Tiles

Bathroom Floor Tiles

Skillfully and artfully crafted bathroom appliances functioning together to satisfy the basic human need to rid the body of waste is a way that you could define a luxury bathroom design. Many separate intricate pieces work together to make a clean and healthy place for you and your family. Bathroom remodeling is so much more than just a pretty room. Here is some information about some of the most unforgettable luxury bathroom designs that have ever been created to helpfully get some Tempe readers out there thinking.

Design Basics

Every bathroom you go in has a few of the same amenities that luxury bathroom designers embellish. A toilet, vanity, flooring, and shower are what you commonly see.  These things all try to grab your attention when you walk in and you do not know where to start. Luxury bathrooms focus heavily on the expensive and elegant customizations that are out of this world designs, both rare and uncommon.

Where You Go

It is astonishing to see all the different luxury toilets available with distinct and sexy curves and sparkling colors. It is even crazier to see a custom-made toilet that positions you to spray all over a picture of someone’s face. You can go beyond just a regular toilet and custom create and install your own urinal. Even bidets are available to wash away the mess. There have been so many interesting toilets created including one that looks like an electric chair, ones that have a remote control to flush, ones that you can see through, and even the Microsoft toilet to empty your bowels into.


Showers have been custom-made in many ways as well. This is a big area of pride for most luxury bathroom owners. Having an exquisite shower to wash yourself clean in is all the rage. Perfectly laid tile can construct the floor and walls of your paradise. Unlimited possibilities when it comes to shape, color, and design. A huge trend recently has been to use glass or acrylic block for the walls of your shower. Even glass panels are simple walls. The shower heads in these luxury bathrooms scream decadence. They can massage your muscles as you stand there enjoying the warmth. Some couples choose to install two shower heads, one on either side of the shower. This allows them to both take a shower at the same time and not left out in the cold. Stand up baths were originally made for those in wheel chairs. You get inside of the bath with a shower head above you and a door closes. The bath fills with water and features water jets that ease muscle pain.

Vanity Choices

Many women pride themselves in having the best vanity around. You beauty care products go inside of the drawers for quick access while you pamper yourself after a shower. Counter tops made  of many different materials, including marble, adorn the rooms. For those with the issue of always having to wait for someone in the bathroom, try a vanity featuring two sinks. Nothing will stand in your way again.

Tiling a Bathroom

Tile in bathrooms has become increasingly popular. If you know how to cut tile properly and are able to make a good design, you can do anything you can dream of with tile. They come in all shapes and sizes with so many colors to choose from. If you do not know how to lay tile, you can still design something you want made and present it to a bathroom contractor. They can give you an estimate and possibly give you a few pointers.

A home remodeling project in the bathroom  involves just a few major bathroom appliances that are out of this world. Design your own ideas for a bathroom and watch it come to life in front of your very eyes.

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