Top Restaurant Renovations

Restaurant Remodel

The interior and exterior redesign of a commercial property has proved to increase a businesses sales, as well as improve traffic performance. There are many commercial restaurant contractors that are willing to help you carry out the dream renovation of your life. Here are some restaurant remodeling tips that can get you going places.

Plan it Out in Your Mind

The first things you are going to want to do is realize what exactly you are trying to communicate to your customer, and how you can communicate it even more clearly through the landscape and accessories of your restaurant. Realize the positive changes and communicate them to your commercial contractor.

Get Rid of the Waste

Figuring out where your business could be more efficient and making it a point to attack these areas of waste is another safe bet. Find the products that sit on your shelves and end up thrown away and refuse to continue buying them. Replace that spot on the menu with something that will actually sell and make you money.

Testing out Your Crew

Businesses lose a lot of money from theft. More often than not, it is the worker who is trying to scam the business. Work to rid your company of those that are dishonest and unkind. A good way to figure out who is honest is to simply put your workers to the test. Burrow a security camera and have it record where you leave a $20 bill in the back of the house.  See who turns it in honestly and who only cares about themselves.

Color & Lighting Effects

A restaurants color and lighting, both have a huge impact on the workers and the customers. When you are using the color correctly in your restaurant, most of the colors will all blend together, all while you paint with your accent color, making those other things stand out. As an owner, you must start producing your own atmosphere and realizing how to renovate more in

The acoustics of an area and the sound in general can make or break a place. When planning a future restaurant redesign try adding speaker so places that the sound does not travel well to. Having a P.A. system available is a helpful in kinds of

Menu Reconstruction

As a restaurant, one of your biggest revamps during your renovation is your menu. Look through current past inventory to realize what products do not sell fast and what you can try to save money on. Find new dishes that use up common waste items. Make a buzz about the new style and class of your business. Have your customers counting down the days until your renovation is complete and you are open once again.


If you are opening your restaurant back up during the summer months, make sure your renovation included plans that offered outdoor seating to your customers. Not only does this make more room in your restaurant from more customers, but it give you a whole new area to create. You can make a whole new atmosphere in this area that features appeal different from the rest of the restaurant.


With so many trends today, you are bound to succumb to the pressure and break down. Trending recently has been health food. By creating a healthy menu can change your demographics completely, and still offering your old customers favorites, you can invite new business to your restaurant, while still keeping the old ones happy.

The last tip is to get a liquor license. The amount of money a business can make off of the sale of alcohol is incredible. Follow these steps to get you moving on your next restaurant renovation.

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