Bathroom Design Trends for 2014

Bathroom tile

Bathroom tile

Designing a bathroom may be hard to do depending on who you’re working with or what you would like to get from the bathroom that you currently have. With any type of bathroom remodeling in Cupertino, you have to look into many different factors that affect the way that you’re going to remodel and design your bathroom. Considering these factors prior to moving forward with the remodel or bathroom design can help you figure out the best plan of action to take before you decide to move forward with it. There are trends in bathroom design that are going to be popular throughout 2014. By looking into these trends, you’re able to grab a new idea out of them or perhaps incorporate the many ideas that you like from them into one bathroom in your home.

Large Shower Using Multiple Shower Heads Not only can you soak and wash with water all around you, but you can share this type of shower with someone else that might like some warm water and company. These showers are usually bigger than the normal shower since they are made to give an all over spray, but also to accommodate more than one person. They are generally just a shower as well, not a shower and tub duo like you might find in many different bathrooms.

Heated Flooring Your bathroom can be a cool place to spend your time in. This means that during those winter months, you may be a bit chilly when you get out of the shower in the morning. This chilliness is something you do not want to face when you’re getting ready for work so why not have flooring – or even towel racks that are heated and can provide the warmth that you desire? The heating coils are placed right under the flooring so you do not see them and the heat is transferred to the top, where you stand.

Warm Fluorescent Lighting Bright lights in the bathroom can be bothersome when it comes to going in and getting ready. With softer, warmer fluorescent lighting in the bathroom, you can tolerate it a bit more and you’re also able to have a more flattering appearance in the mirror. This lighting not only sets the mood, but it can also set the decor throughout the bathroom as well.

Fog Resistant Mirrors These are a big must have in the bathroom when it comes to getting ready. You want to look your best, without having to wipe the mirrors off constantly after that nice, long, hot shower you just took. This can be done when you opt to put in fog resistant mirrors that keep the fog away and allow you to pamper, prep and get yourself ready for the day ahead of you.

The Spa Experience This experience is a must have when it comes to being in the bathroom and feeling like you really belong. You want to enjoy it and relax while there. With the right bath tub, you are able to take in your wine, a good book and light some candles for the ultimate experience. The tub should be deep and wide. You can even go the extra step and provide yourself with jets in a whirlpool tub.

There are many trends to make your bathroom stand out in 2014. Depending on your particular tastes when the time comes for bathroom remodeling in Belmont, you can be prepared and already know what it is that you want from the room.

Consider speaking with a bathroom design in Atheron professional about remodeling, designing and getting the bathroom of your dreams done. They are able to walk you through the process, set up how it will look, do the work for you and provide you with an affordable estimate on all of the work. This allows you to sit back and enjoy the bathroom done by a professional.

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