Kitchen Design Trends for 2014


Modern kitchen design

Modern kitchen design

The perfect combination of form and function is the aim of anyone when remodeling a kitchen in Atherton. Mastering these two sides of your redesign will ensure that your kitchen has a fresh look and layout that you’ll love cooking in. This task can be both fun and easy if you stick to a few simple principles.   As you begin, think of how you use your kitchen and what types of things you cook most often. Do you need a large countertop with plenty of space for assembling ingredients or would extra shelving to hold a plethora of culinary devices be more useful? Imagine yourself in your dream kitchen whipping up one of your famous recipes. Where will you be doing most of the prep work? Where would be the most convenient place for all of those spices? What height is most ergonomic for the countertops? Getting the functional aspects figured out first will save a lot of headache when looking at furniture and appliances and will ensure that your kitchen is set up for your style of cooking.    After you’ve planned your layout, it’s important to start to pull together a theme. Do you want to have rich, dark wood cabinets and light tiles on the countertops, or stainless steel appliances and painted walls? Think of not only the look and color of the countertops and cabinets but also how they feel. Some people prefer the look and feel of smooth granite counters while others might go for a synthetic material. All of these aspects come together to create a theme.   Your theme should be a natural extension of the rest of your home. Each room in your home should have a distinct style but they should relate to one another in an overall theme. Maybe you have a very sparse and modern style that would be complimented by simple lines and monochromatic colors or perhaps you have an artsy abode that would suite decorative drawer pulls and a funky shaped counter. You know yourself and your home best. What feels right to you? You’re going to spend a lot of time in there so make sure you love the way it feels.   Now that you’ve figured out where everything will go and started designing your theme, it’s time to give your renovation some sense of soul. This sense of identity comes from the colors and textures you choose. Finding the right colors is so much more than simply finding ones that match. Consider the balance between the colors and how it will affect the room. How will the light affect your colors? How will they look at different times of day when the natural light changes? There are also many different methods of painting that will create a variety of textures. Adding a texture can help to break up large walls and make them look more interesting and purposeful.  Careful consideration of these details can be the difference between a nice new kitchen and one that makes people green with envy.   Finally, you’ll want to consider all of the stuff that you use in the kitchen and where it will be stored, used, and cleaned. Which of your appliances and serving pieces will you leave out, on display, and which ones will you store inside cabinets. Consider adding some decorative pottery that is both attractive and useful for serving food. The items you leave out should match your theme and add to your overall style as well as be available for convenient use.   Kitchens are unique in that we spend a lot of time in them so we want them to be aesthetically pleasing, yet we use them in a very functional way so they also need to be designed in a way that allows for convenience. Approaching your redesign from these two angles will leave you with a beautiful new dream kitchen that’s both functional and fashionable.    

Modern kitchen design



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