What is a Media Room?

media roomIt used to be that families would take family vacations every year, go out on the weekends and do many outdoor activities. With the rise of video games and home theaters, more and more families are staying home.  Out of home theatres, a new room is arising. It is the media room.

So what is a media room? The definition of a media room in Morris County can vary slightly from home to home. They should not be confused with a home theater which is dedicated to watching movies and is usually set up like a theater. However, media rooms all have a home theater component in common. By this I mean that there is a television or projector and screen in the room and the seating is set up to watch movies on these devices.

At one time the room where families gathered for entertainment was the living room. It consisted of a television and maybe a video player. It sometimes had a stereo and usually had a sofa and other furniture. Here the family would get together and watch television or listen to music. They were not set up with all of the modern tech, lighting and acoustic equipment that many modern media room designs have.

Today, the living room has evolved in many homes. It is now a media room or there is a separate room in the house that is a media room. These rooms can include features like floor lighting, theatre seats, stadium seating, some type of audio design to enhance the experience, WIFI to stream movies and play video games through the television and much more.

In homes where space is limited, what once was the living room has become the media room. You will find the traditional living room furniture in these rooms. These will include sofas, end tables, and coffee tables and so on. In addition the lighting and acoustics will be up to the homeowner’s taste and budget.

When a home has more space, the homeowner may opt to create a media room in a spare room. In this room the furniture choices can vary greatly from homeowner to homeowner. Some may choose the sofa and living room furniture, while others may choose stadium seating. When it is a room dedicated to media, there may be more of a desire to work on the lighting and acoustics. Depending on the budget, a homeowner may choose to have a professional come in and set those things up. In these types of media room’s extras like WIFI and sound systems become more important.  In addition, the homeowner can address the window dressings and limit the amount of light that gets into the room. This will allow for optimum viewing of movies when it is still light outside.

Finished basements are great spaces to have media rooms. They are set off from the main living area; it is easier to control the amount of background noise. The sound system the homeowner chooses can have a louder volume than one installed in a room located on the main floor and light can be easily controlled in a basement. Basements usually have more space than a dedicated room. For this reason, some homeowners are adding extras in their media rooms that they set up in their basements. Some things they add are interactive video games, a dance floor, a pool table, a bar, a popcorn machine and more. The choice is up to the homeowner. Homeowners will normally want the works, but it can be costly to have all the extras.

Homes have evolved with technology. There was a time when homeowners would set up their entertainment centers which consisted of a television, a stereo and perhaps a video player in their living rooms. That is where their family gathered for family entertainment. The furniture was usually basic living room furniture.

Today, technology has changed what homeowners want. Many now want a room that is dedicated to media like a television or projector, a sound system, high tech video games that has WIFI to stream movies and use computers and electronic devices. The room depends on the home and the budget of the homeowner. It can be a converted living room or a dedicated room.

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