Island Bathroom Design

Pelican Shower/Bath

Pelican Shower/Bath

Warm island breezes, crystal blue water, soothing scents dancing in the wind. Ahh, an island paradise. If only you could have these sensations at home. Now you can, with a little inspiration and your own sense of style.

The islands of Hawaii are a painting created by Mother Nature. Use the colors in and around the island to turn your Hanover, NJ bathroom into a bathroom that reminds you of the isolated beaches of Lanai Island, Hawaii. Your island bathroom theme comes from the tropics, with an emphasis on all things outside.

Use natural material as much as you can. Line natural lava stone tiles in and around your shower. Add woven bamboo mats to your floor. Counter the calm beiges and browns of your island bathroom design with a dash of tropical sunset red. The red ohia flower is a native Hawaii flower frequently found in Hanover NJ island inspired bathrooms. Don’t forget palm tree green to bring the outdoors in. There are actual palm trees that grow up to 5ft and can fit nicely in a larger sized bathroom. Fresh bamboo plants are another green option.

Homes in Summit and WoodbridgeNJ lean towards the Caribbean and its relaxed island feel. The style is casual yet chic. Use as many natural and casual accessories and pieces as you can to create an organic Caribbean bathroom paradise. Walls painted a deep cobalt blue make you feel as if you are swimming in Caribbean waters. Textured wallpaper, such as grass cloth, can add an, outdoors feel to your bathroom. Palm and bamboo again are an incredible way to bring the lush green tropics into your bathroom.

The lighting and furniture for your island paradise should echo this outdoor feel. Coconut scented soy candles remind your nose, and brain, of sitting on the beach sipping on fresh coconut water and looking out at the blue Caribbean ocean.  Informal furniture includes pieces of wicker, rattan, rosewood and teak Distressed, or weathered, furnishings also enhance the relaxed island look. Candle sconces and fixtures in wood, bamboo or wrought iron help light up your tropical nights.

Accessories that work for both a Caribbean and a South Pacific bathroom are bamboo, which you can display with boxes and baskets. Complement the look with a woven shower curtain. Plants are the easiest way to add island flair to your bathroom. Palm trees, bamboo plants, and tropical flowers like hibiscus and orchids are favorites for all island inspired bathrooms. Sand, beach rocks, and seashells are also items that will instantly whisper island paradise.

An island bathroom design will inspire a sunny disposition to begin your morning and help you relax at the end of a long day. Your island inspired bathroom should be designed to remind you of floating in a secluded lagoon. And a decadent rain shower may be the next best thing to rinsing off under an island waterfall.  The best part – no sunscreen needed. Enjoy your pina colada!

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