Painting Your Kitchen Pink

Pink kitchen DesignIn honor of breast cancer awareness month, here are some interior design ideas using pink. Pink is used in the color of the pink ribbon which represents breast cancer. Gentlemen, real men wear pink, and can decorate with it too! Let’s walk through a pink kitchen, and show our support for those who continue to fight. Many of the pink kitchen gadgets sold give a portion of sales to breast cancer research.  By buying pink you are supporting the cause.

The color pink can be incorporated into the decor of any room, and the kitchen is no exception. Whether you prefer pale pink or a more vibrant shade, there are many ways to include pink. Pink is a perfect kitchen color. A member of the red family, pink stimulates appetites, sparks conversation, and generates happy feelings. Pink is a happy color!

There are 21 various shades of pink. 21! There is a shade of pink for everyone, from well known baby pink to lesser known Thulian pink. While you may have some reservations about pink, it is a fantastic color to add a bit of whimsy and retro to your kitchen design.  Pink is considered a feminine color, so masculine greens, grays, and blues bring out your pink paint beautifully.  Complementary green shades such as deep jade and dark olive, pewter or dark steely gray, and cobalt and navy blue can combine with pink to create a lively space or classy feel, depending on the combination. Neutral chocolate and sand shades also balance out pink beautifully.

The best way to pick your pink is to start with pink flower decorations. Not only will you be able to test your level of pinkness, you can also see how Mother Nature complements pink. If Mother Nature can do it, so can you!

For those who are still a little shy, start with a dollop of pink. A few pink kitchen dishes, pink dish towels, and pink kitchen utensils let you test the waters without fully committing. Drawer linings are a great way to be pink without ever showing it. In October, you can even purchase pink cleaning supplies!

For those who are all in, but don’t want hot pink or piggy bank pink (yes that is a color) you have subtle options. Pink-veined granite, quartz, or laminate countertops add permanent pink to your kitchen without being too pink. Cabinets painted a darker hued pink such as dusty rose complement dark wood finishes.

Touches of permanent pink can also include vintage enamel kitchen tools, a pink mixer, and pink stone plant pots. Other permanent but subtle ways to incorporate pink is to paint the walls a pale grayish pink. This color complements light wood finishes and the grey picks up the grey of stainless steel appliances and pewter hardware. Pink can bathe your kitchen in a soft, relaxing glow.

The color pink can be incorporated into the decor of any room, especially the kitchen. Whether pale pink or a more vibrant shade, you can always include pink. Pink is a perfect kitchen color. Pink generates happy thoughts. Pink is a happy color! No wonder when we’re happy we’re tickled pink!


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