Pink Living Room Design

Pink Living Room DesignThere are 21 various shades of pink. 21! There is a shade of pink for everyone, from well known baby pink to lesser known Thulian pink. While you may have some reservations about pink, it is a fantastic color to add a bit of whimsy and retro to your kitchen design.  Pink is considered a feminine color, so masculine greens, grays, and blues bring out your pinks beautifully.  Complementary green shades such as deep jade and dark olive, pewter or dark steely gray, and cobalt and navy blue can combine with pink to create a lively space or classy feel, depending on the combination. Neutral chocolate and sand shades also balance out pink beautifully.

One of the challenges with pink is maintaining a sense of sophistication. Your pink is a reflection of your style. Make sure that your shade of pink complements your entire living room design.

Your living room is reminiscent of an island oasis? Then your pink and its complementary tones should be soft, subtle, and airy. Champagne pink would be a soft shade of pink that complements your island theme. The furniture should reflect your style also. Informal furniture includes pieces of wicker, rattan, rosewood and teak Distressed, or weathered, furnishings enhance the relaxed island look. Natural cotton pillows and sheer palest pink window panels let in light and air to the space.

Can you use pink in a traditional living room design? Of course.  A luxurious living room mixes jewel tones. Pink jewel tones include magenta, mauve and fuchsia. The pinks of magenta and fuchsia are not subtle. The reflect luxury and extravagance. They can be combined with indulgent velvet furniture and damask wall coverings to bring life and texture to your living room space for an effect that truly makes a spectacular impression. Opulent fabrics, antique furniture pieces, sumptuously soft rugs and rich window draperies lend themselves to the extravagance of pink jewel tones.

Traditional Asian inspired living room designs tend toward reds, gold and black.  However, it is easy to incorporate pink into an Asian design. Wallpaper in the palest pink hint at sunrise over Mount Fuji while a wall painted magenta recalls Tokyo lit up at night. Don’t want to wallpaper the whole room? Use a panel instead, but make sure to choose a large print with shades of pink to tie it to your living room design.

Elegant, ecological, and practical elements including bamboo wooden tables, traditional Japanese tatami mats and Asian artwork, help create balance and harmony in the space. Furniture is low and near the ground. Keep tables in the living room area low. A wood or stone table with a pink tone such as quartz or pink granite should be in a minimalist design.  Choose deep pink to complement the tones of dark wood furniture. Bring color and a masculine energy into the space by adding several silk pillows in a magenta and fuchsia shade of pink to your couch or sofa to complete the effect. By carefully choosing furniture and accessories, you can bring a natural, feng shui feel to your home.

Your pink is a reflection of your style. Make sure that your shade of pink complements your entire living room design. Your pink should add color and charm while still within the living room design. The overall effect will be a pink that is a perfect mix of classy and sweet. It will make you happy, or to be precise, you’ll be tickled pink!

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