Pink as an Accent Color

pink accentsPink can be bold and sassy or soft and sweet. It can add a punch of color to almost any space, indoor or outdoor. The challenge with pink is to make sure the theme remains classy and not cartoony.

As an exterior accent color, pink is easy. Flowers come in all shades of pink, from deep magenta to soft rose. Simply choose a focal point, such as a stone bench or bird feeder, and plant a few pink flowers around it. Your rose garden can bloom with shades of pink, and give a sweet sent to the air. You can also keep pink outdoors by having your patio furniture upholstered in a shade of pink. Paler shades work best, since the furniture will be exposed to the elements and may fade. Pink-veined granite, quartz, and other natural stones can be subtle touches of pink without seeming deliberate.

The interior presents more of a challenge. Again, the challenge is to make sure the pink accent stays on the side of elegance and class. The living room could easily adapt to such a bold color as it’s a social area also designed for entertainment. To visually enhance a mostly neutral environment, add a hint of color. You can utilize pink as an accent color for elements such as decorative pillows, lighting fixtures, rugs or artwork. Even a statement piece of furniture in a deep pink can add character and whimsy to a living room.

The bathroom interior with pink accents allows for Zen like tranquility and serves as a retreat from the garish realities of daily life. The bathroom can be decorated as a spa, a place of serenity. Soothing pink accents in a tranquil spa bathroom enhances your private retreat from the stresses of the day. Natural pink stone granite sinks or oversize bath tubs impart the opulent feel of an Asian spa to your bathroom. Pink river rock or pebble tile should be used on a shower floor as a wonderful natural stone tile. If you are using a shower curtain, choose ones that show a water color motif.

Amenities are where you can go all out with just a little.  Oversized dusty rose plush towels rose scented soy candles, aromatherapy oils and fresh vibrant pink flowers are part of the décor. Pink bordered mirrors and even pink bar soap and pink body wash can be added to the bathroom design as accents. Lush pink flowers add organic texture to the serenity of your private oasis. A pink lid or a lid with an abstract pink design on the commode can put a touch of whimsy to any bathroom.

While you may have some reservations about pink, it is a fantastic color to add a bit of whimsy and retro to your kitchen design. Many of the pink kitchen gadgets sold give a portion of sales to breast cancer research.  By buying pink you are supporting the cause.

The easiest way to pink your kitchen out is to start with pink flower decorations. Not only will you be able to test your level of pinkness, you can also see how Mother Nature complements pink. If Mother Nature can do it, so can you!

For those who are a little shy, start with a dollop of pink. A few pink kitchen dishes, pink dish towels, and pink kitchen utensils let you test the waters without fully committing. In October, you can even purchase pink cleaning supplies!

Pink can be bold and sassy or soft and sweet. It can add a punch of color to almost any space, indoor or outdoor. The challenge with pink is to make sure the theme remains classy and not cartoony. When used with restraint, pink can be a great accent color that instantly makes your interior look fresh, friendly and lively.

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