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Landscape Design Trends for 2014

Outdoor kitchenThe landscaping around your home is just as important as the exterior presentation of the home itself. There are big changes coming in 2014 as to what landscaping designs are going to be trending. Flowery beds of flowers are a thing of the past. A more masculine look is where homeowners are headed this year. Backyards are becoming entertaining spaces in many areas with climates shifting too.

Contemporary Colors

Pastels and light colors have left the building. Contemporary colors that make a statement have taken up residency in current landscape trends. The idea of using contemporary colors is to do so in a smart way. Pops of color rather than full sections of flowers are what homeowners seem to prefer. More shrubbery and framing plants are in the plans for re-designing the landscaping in front and back yards. Continue reading

Classic Interior Accent Colors | Interior and Exterior Painting Tips

Classic Interior Accent Colors

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Types of Exterior Paint

Oil based paint is rather common for home exteriors. This is because it is durable and can be pressure washed. When it comes to coats, once the primer is applied, two is sufficient when a sprayer is used.

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What is The Best Color for the Front Door?

Contemporary homes are where the colors get a little funky. Yellow is a great color for a contemporary home front door. This is because the exterior of the home is often painted with bold, primary colors as it is.

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Top Exterior Paint Colors

Navy can be used as a base color. It is considered to be one of the top base colors for exterior painting as it is used with colonial homes and Cape Cod style homes the most.

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Modern Exterior Design

When designing a modern home, it is important to keep it unique. This can be a challenge given the fact that straight lines, boxes and rectangles are the ideal goal to achieve.

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Trends in House Painting

Consider the variety of options available for paint combinations. You can take a basic paint scheme and vary slightly from it to stay within the trends for this year. Exterior painting color choices say a lot about your personality.

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How Can Replacement Windows Improve a Home? | Potomac Replacement Windows

How Can Replacement Windows Improve a Home?

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Trends In Exterior Painting | Decorative Home Interiors

Trends In Exterior Painting

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Monochromatic Bathroom Design | House Painting Trends

Monochromatic Bathroom Design

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