Top Exterior Paint Colors

enamelpaintsThe top exterior paint colors for 2014 are likely to vary depending on the region of the US that you live in. In northern New Jersey, for instance, colors of the cape are likely to be prevalent. This means that light blues with white trim and creamy yellows with white trim are likely to be common. White homes with a traditional black trim and bright red door should also be considered as a top trend. This year it’s back to the basics when it comes to exterior paint colors for the home.

Color of the Year for 2014

The color of the year is called A Breath of Fresh Air. It is a very light, pale blue. This color is pleasing to the eye and has a very calming effect. It is also quite versatile when it comes to complementing trim colors.

Some of the ideal trim colors for this light blue hue are:

• White
• Black
• Dark Midnight Blue
• Gray
• Dark Red

A New Kind of Neutral

2014 brings quite a change to traditional color palettes. Neutral used to be tan and beige. Now it is a variety of pastel colors. Muted mauve is ideal for a Victorian home’s secondary trim color.

Some of the colors on the new neutral list include some of these colors by Benjamin Moore:

• Peach Parfait
• Van Alen Green
• Elemental AF
• White Dove
• Iced Mauve
• Super Nova

Some of the new neutral color palette is a bit dark but those are intended for trim colors. Grey-green shades can suffice as a base color with a white or light gray trim. Keep in mind that bright yellows, reds, oranges and bold greens are to be avoided. Purple, unless it is a muted pastel, is also on the list of bad color choices for 2014 and is absolutely opposite of this new neutral list.

Heritage Colors

These are colors from the turn of the 20th Century and up to the beginning of the 1950’s. White, of course, is the primary heritage color. Brick red is second in line but is meant to be a trim color for colonial and Victorian homes. There is a denim shade of blue that is in the navy family that is considered a heritage color. It is mostly used as a base color with white and/or creamy yellow trim colors. It is mostly seen in New England areas.

External designs are being simplified quite a bit in 2014. Rather than using two or three trim colors, it’s being cut down to two at the most, unless the home is Victorian. Victorian homes still use three trim colors but they are complementing of each other rather than contrasting.

Natural Looks

Natural wood looks such as simply stained cedar shake or a log cabin-like appearance are making a comeback. This was once thought of as a shack-type option for those that could not afford aluminum siding or a custom exterior paint job. The good thing about this look is that most landscaping designs and plant matter match this color profile. A medium to dark brown color is applied to the home and it is usually a shade of green or black that will be the trim color.


Traditional generally means white with black trim and black shutters. There are a few variations of traditional to consider. One of those being light gray with gray/green trim and matching shutters. Another variation is a creamy yellow with white trim and black shutters. With the traditional look you will likely see a boldly stated entry door. Where white is the predominant color, red is generally the option for the door color. Even light gray homes tend to have a red door. Black is another popular, and always trending, entry door color option.

Taking things back to basics in 2014 is where home exterior colors are headed. This is for new builds and existing structures. Keep it simple and don’t overcomplicate a color scheme. It really is best to stick to just two colors, a base color and a trim color. The only thing that should be in a third color is the entry door unless you are following a Victorian theme or have a creamy yellow base color. Bold and bright should be avoided. Your home can still stand out without painting it in a primary, red, yellow and green, color pattern. Stay away from bright, turquoise blues, purples and bright yellows. Stick to tradition with your own spin on the color palette by going a shade lighter or darker than the norm. If you are unsure about what color to paint the exterior of your home you should consult with a top house painter in New Jersey, they will help you pick the perfect color and will work with you to make the exterior of your home the envy of your neighborhood!

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