Exterior Painting Trends for 2014

green house-red doorIn 2014, homeowners are taking it back to the basics when it comes to the exterior design and paint scheme of their homes. Traditional colors that aren’t so bright and bold are in the forefront once again. This means that we might be seeing more traditional white or beige houses in the neighborhood. Identifying homes by their landscaping or the vehicle in the driveway might come back to life.

Keep it Simple

Other than a traditional Victorian home, multiple colors in regards to the exterior of a home is going to be a big faux pas this year. Select one base color and one trim color, that’s it. Trying to add multiple trim colors just confuses the design and makes it look overdone. Potential homebuyers also find homes that are simple to look at on the outside, as far as design is concerned, to be more attractive.

Traditional Options are In

Leave the bright, bold paints at the store. Bring home something simple and classic. A simple white, cream or beige base color is where homeowners are leaning in 2014. Match the simple base color with a simple trim color. You’ll want to pick a color that accents the base color well, but again, stick with a traditional color.

Some prime combinations are:

• White with black or green trim
• Beige with dark green trim
• Cream with maroon or green trim
• Light gray with dark red, dark gray or black trim

You can, of course, reverse this a bit and still keep it simple while remaining traditional. With northern New Jersey being a New England location, colors of the cape are important to maintain. This means using light blue or a sage green color with white or light gray trim is a great option. A muted yellow with light colored trim is yet another simple and traditional option to consider. The idea here is to make homes easy to look at and not be the bright eyesore on the street.

Make a Statement with the Door

While you are keeping the exterior sleek and simple, go ahead and make a statement with a bold front door. This should be a color that is bold yet still complements the exterior colors. For instance, if you have a white house with black trim, consider a bright red front door. This will make a statement and add to the overall curb appeal. A plain wood or white door is just not exciting enough. It doesn’t do anything to help the exterior appeal of a home, so get a few paint samples and see what you like best against the base and trim colors.

Use Contrasting Trim Colors

The idea is to contrast to show the facets of the home. It also helps doors, sections and peaks of a home to stand out. In some cases, the trim color hides the gutters. What you don’t want to do is have a cream colored house with tan or white trim. Everything will blend in far too much. When you choose a light base color, the trim color should be much darker. If you have a light tan or cream colored base, opt for dark brown, green, dark gray or a dark red trim color.

Landscape to Match the Exterior

The landscaping design should add to the exterior appeal of the home. This is where you may want to consider seeking the help of a landscape design service in NJ. You want to pick shrubs, small trees and other plant matter carefully. The flowers on a plant should match the colors of the house. Using brightly colored flowers of varying species isn’t going to work. Keep it natural looking.

Exterior paint colors for homes are changing drastically in 2014. Homeowners are going back to the basics. Traditional, such as color schemes from the mid-Century era, are the trend. Even Victorian homes are going with simpler colors, refraining from using pastel colors. The primary colors, in regards to home paint colors, such as white, black, gray, green, red and beige are the right hues to play with. Purples, oranges and blues really should be left on the shelf. A dark blue may be fine for a door, shutters or trim though. It just hast to be the right shade of blue. Now is the time to give the outside of your home a makeover.

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