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Modern Exterior Design

Much consideration and planning is needed to develop the best exterior design for your home. It is important to find the best way to use…

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Prepare Your Home for Summer | Potomac Replacement Windows

Prepare Your Home for Summer

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Basics of Backyard Pool Maintenance

pool_service_tipsMaintaining a modern swimming pool design in Stamford CT requires just a minimal amount of work weekly. For most, it can be done in just a few minutes per day. A pool construction company can provide tips for the specific type of pool that you have built to ensure that it functions as it should. Keep in mind that debris compromises how well the filtering systems will work. Maintaining the pool can be a family affair. Continue reading

Great Accent Colors | Decorative Home Interiors

Great Accent Colors

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Five Environmentally Friendly Bathroom Design Options | Designing Your Bathroom

Five Environmentally Friendly Bathroom Design Options

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Types of Backyard Pools

free form poolA variety of pool options are available for backyards to suit anyone’s needs. A pool construction company in Westchester County can look at the space that you have available and help come up with a modern pool design that works for your space. Your needs and safety are also taken into consideration. Luxury inclusions such as slides, water features, jets and custom lighting can also be configured into the space if desired. Also consider a pool alarm or invisible fence type of setup as a high-tech safety feature. Continue reading

Tips for Electrical Safety

The National Fire Protection Association reportedly responds to nearly 10,000 home structure fires involving electrical malfunction or failure every year, resulting in hundreds of deaths and hundreds of millions of dollars in property damage.

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