Modern Pool Design Trends

a-grand-entranceA swimming pool is an addition to a backyard space that serves multiple purposes. Most families consider a pool design that is safe, especially when children are present. In homes where the children are grown, other options might warrant a pool renovation. The endless options to pool designs, both modern and abstract, leave everything to the imagination to create the perfect oasis.

Freeform Pools

This is a pretty cut and dry explanation. There is no exact form to the pool. A swimming area is created out of the backyard space. This can be completed either with or without a liner. Most of these designs get a little help from using big, natural rocks to create a space around the outside of the design. Some freeform pools are designed to have lighting on the interior, which can be traditional white lights or colored lights.

This type of pool is ideal for oddly shaped lots as it does not require a specific shape or size. It is easily constructed in any desired shape and depth. A wading pool for children is a good idea to include in the final product. Also with this type of pool, living plants can be part of the design as well as water features and natural slides. This is a modern pool design trend that is ideal for any space.

Beach Entry

Beachfront properties are a luxury only for those living in a coastal state. A beach entry pool can be created in your own back yard to bring the beach anywhere you want it to be. This is a great idea for a pool renovation in CT. What you can do here is take any size pool, create a natural rock barrier around the exterior, and leave the front entry area open. Use white beach sand to create about 5-inches of sand on the surface area, but consider putting this on a liner to contain it a bit better.

It is a good idea to cover the sandy area with a tarp and tack it down during periods of inclement weather. Sand will combine with the earth underneath it to make mud, and this is a mess to clean up. Don’t forget the beach lounging chairs and oversized umbrellas to complete the design.

Infinity Pools

Consider an infinity pool as water filled treadmill. It is a never ending force of water that keeps you swimming in place. Of course, without turning the motors on, you can have a traditional pool. Infinity pools are generally rectangular in shape but thinner in diameter than a traditional pool. This type of pool is normally in a home where fitness is a big part of daily life.

Waterfall and Rock Pools

Waterfall and rock pools bring the outdoors to your backyard space. These can be created in a similar way to freeform pools but include live plants and are often created on the down slope of a small incline. The waterfall area is at one end of the pool and helps to filter and recycle the water for cleaner swimming practices.

The base of the pool can be created from smoothed rocks to prevent cuts and scrapes. This eliminates the need for steps and ladders as the stones can be the entry and exit points. Lights, whether it is a floating LED option or those that are built-in under the water, create a backyard oasis that is sure to have the rest of the neighborhood talking.

When you are creating a swimming pool area in the Stamford area, consider the options to make the space unique. Also consider the seasons, extreme temperatures and heavy storms that can roll through. You always want to have a plan in order to keep the pool safe during periods of inclement weather. This means that having an ample pool cover is ideal. The pool should also be kept clean and the pH levels must be maintained. Consider a natural option, by using salt water rather than traditional pool chemicals, to maintain a more natural swimming environment. The options above are simply ideas to get you started on your way to creating a unique, modern swimming pool design. It might be hard to find just family time once the community finds out about your great swimming space.


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