Backyard Pool Safety Tips

no-divingBackyard Pool Safety Tips
Pool safety is important in every backyard, especially during pool construction and pool renovation projects. Children must always be watched and they should be aware of the pool rules before getting in. Taking the necessary safety precautions makes pool time more fun for all family members.

Use a Tall Pool Fence
A pool fence should be in place for all backyard pools where children are present. The fence should be at least 6-feet in height and all of the bars should be vertical in position. This prevents children from climbing the fence and gaining access when parents are not present.

Put the Lock up High
In combination with a tall fence, a lock should also be in place. Children should not know the location of the key or be knowledgeable of the combination. It should be at the very top of the gate where they are unable to reach. Chaining the fence with a padlock is another element of protection in case they should be able to gain access to the key. The combination for the padlock should not be given out.

Install Pool Lights for Night Swimming
Anytime that you plan to swim at night, pool lighting should be in place. There should also be lighting along the pathway from the pool to the house. This prevents injuries from occurring. The lights should be well-maintained with LED bulbs being the best option. Lights should be present near any ladders or steps as well as along the sides so that swimmers can easily see where any hazards are and where the sides of the pool are.

No Unattended Children
Children should never swim alone. It does not matter what their age is, as emergencies and injury can happen at any age. Once children reach the late teen years, generally ages 16 and above, it is okay to let them swim alone, but it should not be permitted when parents are not on the property. Even with floatation devices, swim vests and other swimming aids, no child should swim without a parent right next to the pool.

Keep Safety Equipment Handy
Safety equipment is very important and it should always be within reach. There may never be a time when it is needed, but the time that it is not present will be when an emergency occurs.

The type of safety equipment that you should have includes:
• A lifesaving ring on a rope
• A pole with a human lasso on it
• Life vests for all children
• Life vests for inexperienced adult swimmers
• First aid kit
• Properly charged cordless or cell phone

This equipment is vital as it can mean the difference between life and death in some instances. Children should also not be permitted to swim for at least 20 minutes after eating to prevent cramps that can cause drowning.

Post the Rules
Every pool should have rules and those rules should be posted. You can add to a modern pool design by using a chalkboard and painting the rules on it. Rules can be added to as needed. One of the main rules should be no running around the pool. Slips and falls can lead to serious injuries.

Other rules to include are:
• No swimming without a parent
• No glass in the pool area
• No diving in the shallow area

These safety tips will make pool time more safe and enjoyable for every family with a modern swimming pool in Westchester County. Even those with older pools or those undergoing a renovation should abide by these tips. It is ideal to have lights for night swimming. An even more high-tech safety device is installing an alarm on a pool gate and activating it when children are not to be in the pool. This will help you to be alerted when unauthorized access is attempted. It is not possible to be too safe or have too many safety precautions in place. Swimming is a fun and relaxing activity for families and friends, but accidents can happen. Children get curious and want to swim alone; this is how accidental drowning happens. Ensuring that the children cannot get into the pool unless you are with them is an absolute must.

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