Eco Friendly Pool Design

Pool construction going green

Pool construction going green

More and more families are searching for eco-friendly and green ways to create a modern pool design in their backyards. There are several options with minor pool renovations in Stamford, CT to create this type of design. A few tips and tricks are below. These will help you to get some ideas to create a natural, eco-friendly oasis in your space. These can be safe at the same time, with a few safety measures being put in place.

Use Natural Wood Surrounds

Create a natural wood pool surround coming off of the deck in your backyard. What this does is create a seamless entry area and surface area that is safe, eco-friendly and modern looking. Using this format, many homeowners also use live plants and solar lighting within these spaces.

The natural wood surround can be made safe to walk on by mixing a small amount of sand in with the stain. This will dry to make a non-skid surface, making it safe for children, the elderly and any visitors that you might have. Luxury inclusions can be built-in to these designs, such as a heated water option, jets and interior pool lighting.

Organic Pool Materials

Organic pool materials are not always easy to find. What you can do, however, is use boat wood and repurpose it or use natural stone that has been smoothed to make a safe pool surround and liner. If you wish to have a pool liner in place, consider a small pool renovation using a liner that is made from recycled materials.

This also includes using a filtering system that recycles the water to make it a sustainable swimming pool. A water feature with hidden filtering systems is the ideal solution for this. Charcoal filtering systems can work with solar pumps rather than using electricity to power them.

Freeform Pools

Freeform pools are constructed from the space available in an outdoor space. Most are created from natural landscapes and do not use a pool liner. Natural, smoothed rock to create the barrier and floor of the space is an ideal choice. You can also use concrete that is made from natural materials to make the bottom or a thin lining along the sides.

Along with these freeform pools, solar lighting should adorn the outer pathways and sides of the pool for evening and late night swimming. This type of pool can be completely self-sustaining when properly constructed.

Include Live Plants

Live plants in natural and freeform pools add an organic element to a modern pool design. What you want to do here is create an underwater bed and fill it with plant life that is made to grow under water. This is a contained space that oxygenates the air around the pool and adds a vibrant breath of fresh air to the space. The plants help to bring vitamins and minerals to the water to make it a healthier option to swim in without chemicals.

Use Natural Stone

Mentioned a few times already in this article, natural stone is the ideal way to create an eco-friendly pool area. The good thing about this is that natural stone can be smoothed, sealed and stained to create the exact look that you wish. Consider including flag stone and shale into the space to add color dimension and depth to the space. It will help to break up the monotony of the sandy brown colors too.

Consider using Salt Water

One of the best ways to maintain an eco-friendly pool space is to use salt water. All you really have to do is put the pool chemicals away, convert to a salt water filtration system and add the proper amount of salt for your specific pool size. The pH levels should be checked daily. If the levels are not acidic enough, you can add a few drops of cider vinegar to the water and it should correct a minor discrepancy.

These natural options can help a new pool design in the Connecticut area to be more eco-friendly. It will also help the pool to meet green standards while providing a relaxing oasis in the backyard space. A construction company may be needed for some of these eco-friendly options to ensure that is properly dug and built as well as sturdy enough to prevent a caving in of the sides.

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