Types of Backyard Pools

free form poolA variety of pool options are available for backyards to suit anyone’s needs. A pool construction company in Westchester County can look at the space that you have available and help come up with a modern pool design that works for your space. Your needs and safety are also taken into consideration. Luxury inclusions such as slides, water features, jets and custom lighting can also be configured into the space if desired. Also consider a pool alarm or invisible fence type of setup as a high-tech safety feature.

Above Ground

With an above ground pool, you are able to take it down for storage during the winter months. This is a convenience that comes along with this type of pool. This type of pool requires a large amount of outdoor space since there are a variety of dimensions to choose from. A pool fence that is removable and movable is ideal for this type of situation. These fences should be too heavy and tall for children to move. They should also not be able to be climbed to ensure child safety when the pool is unattended.

If a fence is not in place, the ladder should be removed and should be locked up when the pool is not in use.

Freeform Pool

This is a fun type of backyard pool option. It is ideal for lots that have odd shapes and/or slopes. Consider a pool renovation to extend an existing in ground pool to give it a new shape and water feature. This option also opens up the possibility for a separate children’s area and an adult area, where the children’s area is far shallower.

A freeform option works with the natural landscape of a backyard space. You can cut the ground to any shape and/or depth. Pool design specialists can get extra creative to create an outdoor oasis for friends and family with an entire entertainment space. This can include items such as an outdoor kitchen, seating area, planted garden and fire pit space.

In ground Pool

In ground pools can be created to a variety of sizes and with several features. The needs/wants of your family are always kept in mind. Fencing and locking systems are easier to put in place with an in ground option. You can also use tile, cement or a custom liner with this type of pool.

Natural Pool

Natural pools are similar to freeform pools except these are often just a rejuvenation of an existing pool. Natural wood, water plants, and natural stone steps are the most common materials used for this setup. It is ideal to use an existing deck or exterior platform to build off of. Consider this as a facelift for your backyard. Of course, creating an infinity pool that stems off of an existing pool is a good option too. It is easier to transition from a treadmill type of swimming exercise over to a traditional swimming pool for relaxation.

Combination Pool

Many homeowners are confused as to what a combination pool is. What you will do here is create a hot tub or Jacuzzi area within the same pool space, but separate it with brick or tile. This will keep the heated water out of the swimming water so that multiple guests can enjoy switching back and forth as needed. It is also a good way to enjoy family time as the adults can be in the hot tub portion while the children swim freely.

Family time and making the most of your backyard space to include a modern pool design in Westchester County is possible. A safe, functional and relaxing space can be the focal point of your outdoor space for hosting gatherings with friends and family. Consider the options available for your space and get creative. Solar lighting or other creative lighting ensures safety for night swimming. Another option is creating an aquatic focal point where nature joins swimming with the inclusion of live plants that are designed to remain in water. Keep in mind that no matter what option you choose, you must always have a fence that locks, especially where small children are concerned. Accidental drowning can be prevented when the proper safety measures are in place so that the family can continue to enjoy afternoons in the pool.

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