Basics of Backyard Pool Maintenance

pool_service_tipsMaintaining a modern swimming pool design in Stamford CT requires just a minimal amount of work weekly. For most, it can be done in just a few minutes per day. A pool construction company can provide tips for the specific type of pool that you have built to ensure that it functions as it should. Keep in mind that debris compromises how well the filtering systems will work. Maintaining the pool can be a family affair.

Clean the Filters

Filters should be change in a pool monthly. While most manufacturer packaging states otherwise, the filters do start to underperform after about 4 weeks of use. This is because dust and debris can cause small rips in the filters and they can easily become clogged. With the other maintenance tips below, maintaining the longevity of filters is easily done.

Use a Vacuum Weekly

You should use either a manual or robotic vacuuming system at least weekly in your pool. The top of the water as well as the sides and bottom of the pool can hold onto some debris. Not only does this dirty the water, it can also make the pH level off kilter and can lead to bacteria growth.

If you have a pool with a liner, be careful in how hard you press the vacuum against it. This can cause a small tear. Tears lead to mold growth and this leads the way for a major pool renovation to be needed.

Check pH levels Daily

The pH levels in a pool are very important. When they are too high the water can affect the skin, eyes and hair of those enjoying the water. When levels are too low, it is not sanitary for anyone to take part in swimming.

The good thing is that pH strips are very inexpensive. You can use several a day to properly regulate a newly filled pool and still have enough for the whole season.

Use a Skimmer daily

A skimmer is basically a long pole with a tight net on the end, similar to a fish catching net. This is used to just go a few inches under the surface to pick up any floating debris. The skimmer can go down to the bottom but this poses a risk of ripping the liner.

Children, with supervision and a life vest on, can handle this chore. It is important to teach them to only skim the area right in front of them. Reaching is dangerous and can cause them to fall in. They should also wear water shoes. These shoes have a non-skid bottom and are designed to work in wet conditions and on slippery, natural rock surfaces.

Keep it Covered when it Rains

If rain is in the forecast, cover the pool. Rain water severely throws off a pH level. This might lead to a shock treatment being needed. This is a harsh chemical treatment that usually makes the pool unavailable for an entire day. The chemicals in a shock treatment have to completely cycle through the pool and the chemical smell needs to diminish to a point that it is barely noticeable.

The pool should also be covered when it is windy or too cold. Inclement weather plays a big role in the quality of the water in your pool.

Use Minimal Chemicals

Many homeowners are switching to saltwater pool options. These do not use chemicals at all. Only use the amount of chemicals that your specific pool needs. When you must use chemicals, use those that are as close to natural as possible. Chlorine can be damaging to skin if swimming for long periods of time is a regular practice, or daily practice. One of the plusses of having a private pool is that you do not need as many chemicals as private or shared pools.

With these tips you should be able to keep your pool clean and the water at a proper pH level. Maintaining a pool is not a drawn out process but it is something that must be done to prevent algae growth and bacteria growth. With a good routine in place, maintenance costs will also be less over time. Those that neglect their pool until it has a green tint to it, especially following a new pool design construction, will end up spending far more in pool care costs. Some may also have to call in a specialist to correct an ongoing problem.

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