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Real Estate Intervention: Make room for baby

The Patel’s have a young baby already and another baby soon coming, wanting to sell their current home to purchase a home with larger space; they’re in for a Real Estate Interventions. Not only will they have a new addition to their family, family will come to stay to see baby. There is no room for this at this time and time is ticking, the Patel’s want to be settled before baby comes.

The Patel’s look into selling options before looking at buying options; Real Estate Intervention walks over the current market and give them realistic options in pricing options and in how to best sell their home. Currently the Patel’s condo has granite counter tops, nice roomy cabinets, hardwood flooring, and a nice sized fireplace which adds value to their condo. However, it is not enough for the price they want. They want 549k when other like condos is selling for 495K. These other condos actually have added benefits so the Patel’s really need to look into their asking price first. The problem, the Patel’s at least wanted to break even.

Not only do the Patel’s have to lower their price, they have changes to make. Their enormous bed and television in their master bedroom should be removed before selling; it makes the room look too small. With the second room being a nursery, buyers won’t see extra room as a defined space of an additional room… Real Estate Intervention recommends adding room furnishings when selling. Many of these tips you can receive from our friends, Short Hills real estate, just as the Patel’s heard from Real Estate intervention. In the end, the Patel’s didn’t list at 495k but listed for 525k. They only received 500k. The Patel’s agree the show was helpful even though didn’t follow Mike’s advise. Had they followed his advice, they may have sold their home sooner.