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Top Restaurant Renovations

Restaurant Remodel

The interior and exterior redesign of a commercial property has proved to increase a businesses sales, as well as improve traffic performance. There are many commercial restaurant contractors that are willing to help you carry out the dream renovation of your life. Here are some restaurant remodeling tips that can get you going places. Continue reading

What is Commercial Remodeling?

Commercial Remodeling

Commercial Remodeling

Remodeling in general is making a space more usable, practical or functional. For the commercial facility this can be very different than a residential structure. The intent is the same which remains to make improvements that all can enjoy and benefit from; but the homeowner is concerned with very different reasons for remodeling than the businessman. A business needs to be fully functional to provide a safe place for workers and customers or clients. Not only is safety a major issue, but helping employees be more efficient at what they do is also a factor. Even the “small stuff” is important to the commercial remodeling project in Seattle. Something as simple as a wrong paint color can end up turning customers away. Commercial remodeling is a much larger task than remodeling a home. Continue reading

How not to pick a bad contractor; how to pick a good contractor

Hiring a contractor in confidence is quite rewarding. When you hire a contractor and you know what to look for usually the outcome is pretty good. Not only does the work that needed to be done look professional but the process is that much more stress free.
10 tips in picking a good contractor
1. Don’t hire an unlicensed contractor – According to Huntington Homes unlicensed contractors don’t pay into Workers compensation and that’s why their able to undercut the contractors who have their license. If they get hurt, you pay the fat bill.
2. Don’t pick a contractor based on price – quality is important and you don’t want to be stuck with an unprofessional job.
3. Ask around – you want to work with a contractor that is recommended by others. Try asking your local lumberyard.
4. Interview your prospective contractor – you will be working closely together with your contractor, make sure you two have great rapport.
Check references – Sometimes you can see past work your prospective contractor has done, this can help you a great deal just judging their past work. A great example for a reference page can be found at commercial shading projects page.
5. Do your homework – Check out your prospective contractor by checking into the Contractors State License Board. Make sure their Legit.
6. Make sure your contractor guarantees his work – Again, don’t get stuck with an unprofessional job. See for an example in a guarantee for services done.
Be informed – make sure your contractor keep you informed. For an example on being well informed on the services being completed in your home take a peek at mold inspection page.
7. Discuss payment options – As discussed in ‘Hiring a Contractor’ if the contractor asks for half the money up front, there is probably a problem and you may want to choose another contractor. The usual payment plan is 10 percent when the contract is signed, then three payments of 25 percent while the job is being done, and the rest is usually paid when the job is complete.
8. Get everything in writing – make sure you have everything in writing. If something goes wrong your agreement in writing is all you have to fall back on.

This list should help hire a good contractor. If you have any questions please ask by commenting below.

Things to look for in a commercial contractor

There isn’t a vast difference in choosing a commercial contractor but there are some key elements that you want to make sure you pay close attention to when shopping around for the right commercial contractor. Making sure that you do your research will not only give you peace of mind but will ensure a more professional job is done in the end.
• Make sure your contractor is bonded – a bonded contractor can redo a job completely if it isn’t up to your standards
Make sure you hire an experienced contractor like a who clean and repair window blinds for homes and businesses.
Check Better Business Bureau for contractors listed like W.F. Painting who paints homes and businesses as well.
• Make sure the commercial contractor you chose is a member of a national or local association
• Learn more about subcontractors if being used – Learn what they will be doing and make sure you get their license number for your records.
These are good tips for general contractors and commercial contractors alike. These tips are key elements in checking a commercial contractor’s ethic and experience however. Following these tips will lead you to a peace of mind in hiring a commercial contractor and bring you that much closer to a quality professional job.