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Common Electrical Questions

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You may have wondered about your electricity. It is a very complicated issue. In fact, when there is an electrical need or problem, most people call a licensed electrician in Doraville to take care of it without asking many questions. Here are a few of these questions and the answers that might help you in whatever electrical problem you are having without having to hire a licensed electrician.
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How to Renovate the Electrical System

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Renovating your electrical system can boost your home’s value. Before calling an electrician in Dunwoody There are many things to consider when planning a renovation of the electrical system.  How do you cut into drywall to run wire?  What is the electrical sub-panel?  What is the service panel?

When considering an electrical renovation, you may need to cut into the drywall to run wires through the wall. The first thing you can do is to cut out three sides of a square where the work will be done. Leave the fourth side intact so that you can use it as a hinge. Continue reading

How to Choose an Electrician

Hiring an electrician can be a nightmare, and when hiring an electrician to do work on the very home that is considered your ‘humble abode’ it is of great importance to do your research to find a true professional. If you don’t hire a professional you could be asking for a huge disaster. Many things can go wrong when dealing with an electrician that doesn’t have a professional background, either it is that more damage is on its way to haunt you, an electrical fire, or a job never completed at all! This is why you must hire a professional and nothing less.

The steps in research to find a professional electrician is not much different then hiring a professional contractor no matter what the trade. Listed is a guide to help you find the right electrician for your needs.

1. Interview prospective electricians- Call around or sit down with many local electricians to receive information regarding rates, time frame of expected completion, references, and find out what their warranty guarantees.
2. Check the references you were given – make sure those you call advise you how well the job was done, if done on time, quality of materials and warranty, if the references would hire that electrician again, and if the electrician was reasonable and easy to work with.
3. Listen to your gut – If your gut tells you that something is too good to be true, it probably is.
5. Make sure your electrician is licensed – Don’t skip quality for cost. If something goes wrong it could be a dangerous situation.
6. Make sure the electrician you hire is financially stable – If something goes wrong and you hire an electrician that isn’t financially stable, how will they live up to their warranty?

The good news is that there are many professional electricians that offer quality work at an affordable price. Research to find a quality electrician will ensure that the work done in your home is a positive experience with great results.