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Causes of Paint Bubbling, Cracking and Peeling

Paint Bubbling

Paint Bubbling

What homeowner likes to notice that their interior painting job is beginning to peel, bubble up or crack? Sometimes Summit, NJ homeowners like to think that these types of paint inconsistencies are only seen on the exterior of the home. They are surprised when they see the interior paint showing these same types of wear and tear. It seems totally out of place since the interior walls do not have the weather extremes that exterior ones have to deal with. What could make interior paint bubble, crack or peel? Actually, there are several factors that can contribute to this unsightly problem; but in many cases they can be totally avoided. Continue reading

When to Paint your Home

Interior Painting

Painted interior

Exterior house painting needs to be done during a period of time when the weather is going to be dry enough for the wood to be dry before the project begins. After the surface is painted, it needs adequate time to dry as well.  Most people have the idea that summer is the best season to paint, but it is not always the best time to paint a home’s exterior. What time of year is the best to paint your house will depend largely on the region in which you live and the climate in the area. There are several factors to consider which can help a homeowner know what time of year is the best to complete exterior painting.


Most of the manufacturers of paint suggest temperature minimums and maximums which allow for the best paint job. These temperature limits have changed over the years as paints have progressed. As a general rule, the temperature needs to be no lower than about 40 degrees before paint is applied. However, there are some brands that say their paints can be applied to a surface when the temperature is as low as 35 degrees. In some regions, the temperature can be as high as 104 degrees during the afternoon and then drop down as low as 42 at night. Paint should not be applied during the seasons when the temperatures have this large of a fluctuation all in one day. Choose a season in your region that the temperature does not fluctuate too much in a day. In the New Jersey area the average low temperature in October is about 45 degrees and in November it is about 38. So in the northeast region November is probably the cut off for exterior painting. Continue reading

Spring Remodeling Projects

It is finally spring and most of us are trying to decide what we can do for some of our home remodeling projects. Chances are that you do not have time, energy or desire to do some major renovations. Maybe you need some spring projects that won’t take too long to complete but can make a big difference in a room or area.

Lighting is an area that is relatively quick to get done but it can make a huge difference in any room of the house. It may be as simple as adding some mirrors along one wall to help reflect light where it is more needed. Small accent lights may be added to accentuate a particular area such as a fireplace. Adding lights to a built in shelving unit can give the entire room a boost.

Or just work on changing the light arrangement in one room. For instance do some renovations on existing kitchen lighting. Add a light over a major work area like an island or the sink. You can also change the lighting over the dining area.

If indoor lighting is up to date think about adding some outdoor lighting for all the neighborhood get togethers you have planned for the season. It really helps when you are grilling if you are able to see what you are cooking! Set the outdoor lighting so that it is comfortable and inviting so that guests can sit around and enjoy conversation through the evening hours.

Adding storage space to key locations is a good spring project as well. The bathroom may need a closet rather than simple half shelves and now is a good time to box it in. Perhaps it’s a study area or den that needs a few more shelves to hold books or what-knots. The kitchen is always in need of proper storage space too.

Painting a room can be a quick fix for most living areas. There isn’t a faster way to spruce up any room in the house than to give it a clean, fresh coat of paint.

These are just some simple ideas for spring remodeling projects that won’t cost an arm or a leg. Most can be completed over a weekend or just a couple of days.

How to Choose Paint

When doing any kind of residential painting it is essential that you choose the best paint for the job. Looking at all the different types of paint can be overwhelming when it was difficult enough to just choose the color you wanted. Here are some tips on which paints work best for different types of projects that you may undertake in your home remodeling projects.

There are two types of paints, one for outdoor painting jobs and another for inside projects. Of course for outdoor painting you’ll need a solid oil based paint that will be durable through all sorts of weather. It must also be able to handle extreme heat or cold temperatures.

Exterior paints are either alkyd or latex. Alkyd paints will begin to get brittle after some time of exposure to the elements. It gets kind of chalky. You will want to use this kind of paint if you are painting over existing alkyd paint though. Latex paint is a lot more elastic and will endure the weather much better than alkyd paints. It will also resist mildew.

Interior paints come in several different types of finishes. The kind finish chosen will depend on what is being painted. The types of finish for interior paints are gloss and semi-gloss, satin, flat and eggshell.

Gloss finishes are not used for walls. This type of paint works great on wood. So it should be used for furniture, trim or cabinets. Semi-gloss paint is also not generally used on walls. It is good for those areas that have a lot of traffic and get lots of fingerprints as it is easily cleaned.

Satin is a frequent choice. It is easy to clean and is very eye-catching. Since it is easily cleaned it works very well in areas such as the bathroom or the kitchen. It is also a great selection for any type of area where kids are likely to play.

Flat paints are the most popular finish. The catch to its great look is that it doesn’t tend to reflect light, which protects it from making its own blemishes visible. Ceilings are generally painted with flat paints. It looks great, but it is not as easy to clean as other types of paint. Paints with an eggshell finish have a little more shine than flat paints. Its only advantage is that it will hold up a little better than flat paints.

Deciding what to remodel

Have you grown tired of your home’s interior appearance that you feel like you would want to do something about it? If yes, you’re part of the general American population who feel exactly the same way towards their home. There’s no difference if you have been living in your home for the last 5 years or you may have just moved in a couple of years ago. It will just strike you that there’s a part of you that’s just yearning to be heard; an urge if you will that just wants to be quenched. I guess it’s only human nature to aspire for continuous improvement.
The next question to come is what exactly do you want changed? What is it that you want to achieve given that you have a certain budget for it? Do you want to remodel your room or the entire house? Do want to transform your old kitchen to a modern kitchen? Do want wood flooring or do you prefer carpets to adorn your living space? Do you want to convert your extra room to a home office or a home theater maybe? Do you want a wine cellar or wet bar in your basement or do you want to undergo an entire basement remodeling? Do you want a bathtub or do you simply want an elegant glass shower enclosure in your bathroom? Do you want additional shelves built or do you think a cabinet is better fit for the job? Do you want to repaint or simply add wall papers? This list of questions can go on and on and chances are you will still discover new things and technologies that you will want every time you watch TV programs and read in magazines about home and lifestyle that further adds to the confusion. Fun isn’t it?
Whatever it is that you encounter, it is important to settle once and for all the question regarding the reason why you want to initiate a home improvement project. Is it only because you want a change of view or do you have plans of selling your home and you’re just investing right now to add value to it? Questions again I know, but if you could tackle this question first and foremost, you will soon discover that the other questions will be easier for you to answer and hence it can help you make the right decision.

Things to consider about house painting

There are many factors to consider when painting your home. Many of the factors in painting your home include the location that painting is needed, the color you chose to paint your home, the technique you will use in painting your home, and deciding if you will hire a professional or if you will do it yourself. Each of these factors is very important and is important for many different reasons
Location plays an important role in deciding how you will get started. Are you painting the interior, exterior, or both? If you’re painting the interior of your home, which room you will be painting, what is the size of room, and how does this location meet different mood and lighting elements. Paint often sets the mood for that room or when arriving to your home.

Color is of great importance when painting your home. Use a color wheel to pick colors that will compliment each other. AS mentioned before lighting plays an important factor, different hues dependant on night time, sunshine, or the lighting available call for different paint colors for your home. A bedroom should be a calming color like blue or green. Family rooms should bring about a form of positive energy best displayed with bright colors like orange, red, or yellow.

What technique will you use in painting your home? Rag rolling, this is a method used with rags that are a like in color to make a beautiful affect usually upon your interior walls. A popular method is sponge painting, this is pretty self explanatory. Stippling is another example of a painting technique often used, this is a method often made by vertical lines with a paint brush, often used on panels.

Will you be hiring a professional to ensure painting is done properly and beautifully? There is nothing worse then looking at a home that was not painted properly. A job done without using proper methods can look unprofessional. Hiring a professional is best because it leaves out room for error and comes with a warranty. Painting your home should be a worry free experience, if you don’t know what you’re doing, worry less and hire an expert.