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Modern Kitchen Design Video

The kitchen is arguably the most important room of the house; it is where you prepare your meals and where you spend time with your family enjoying the fruits of your labor.  Often the kitchen is a gathering place when friends or family visit and sometimes it is even a refuge where you can get some quiet to do work.

Having a modern kitchen can enhance the look and feel of your home and can even increase your homes’ value.  The following video contains some images of modern kitchens and can give you great ideas of the way you may want to design your modern kitchen.

Hidden Potential – Keeping the family together

Two young newlyweds, living in tight headquarters, need major help if they will continue to share their home. Hidden Potential comes to aide in giving these newlyweds options in buying a new home or in remodeling their current home to fit the family comfortably. Those sharing a home consist of two sisters, their husbands, and catch this… one is expecting a baby! They need to add more space to their current home or someone has reached their time to go.

The problem is that the sisters always have lived together, so staying close to each other is ideal. The host to Hidden Potential shows the non-expectant party several houses near their current home that meet the parties needs. It was agreed their main concern was that their current home was outdated and there isn’t room enough for two couples to be comfortable in.

The couple first viewed two co-ops, one that needed major remodeling and one that needed little updates. After viewing the co-ops they were shown remodeled examples virtually. They showed room by room as to how the co-ops would be remodeled, such as opening up the kitchen, updating hardwood flooring, building onto the bathrooms and making the master suite larger equipped with master closet (the list goes on and on). Once the updated co-ops were viewed virtually, the lively host went over cost for each home after remodeling was complete showing the couple they would still be within their budget.

Will the couple move out or update their current home? Hidden Potential’s host showed their current home updated. Adding space to their current home and making it more functional, again going over cost to their existing homes’ ideal updates. The couple gets to decide which avenue to take saving over 100,000 in staying put or venturing out on their own. Just like many who decide on home remodeling NJ, the couple decided to stay home-sweet home being that it would save them money and will give them more room in the end! Moving isn’t always the answer, renovating your home can save you a grip of money and adds the space you’ve been looking for, your home may have that ‘hidden potential’!