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Contractors going Green

Contractors are going green big time! Let it be installing shading systems, roofing, flooring, or window and blind cleaning, there are contractors who do it well and who do it green, being eco-friendly! Contractors may be going green by the materials they use or the services they provide. Hiring someone who does it right, does it well, and is doing it by going green is the best way to go.

A few examples; thinking of adding roller shades, a retractable awning, exterior shades or skylight shades… Not only are you reducing cost and reducing the waste in the energy it takes to cool of your home using a standard air conditioner, but you are adding an attractive feature to your home.

Window and blind cleaning contractors have options for you green-goers as well! Try Ultrasonic cleaning, not only does it remove nicotine, dust, and dander effectively, but with biodegradable products being used you can’t go wrong. Do it right, go green!

Many contractors that specialize in flooring can help with eco-friendly options as well. Wood flooring is a great idea, many would say, “No way, you’re killing trees!” Wood flooring usually comes from recycled resources such as old wood barns and like items. Imagine that!

Need some roofing repairs, why not see if it could benefit you to install some solar panels while you’re at it. Save on energy cost the warmer months, and help out our global climate by hiring one who specializes in such a great service of installing solar panels to your home.

Do your homework and ask your prospective contractor how they may be eco-friendly. The options of contractors using biodegradable products, sustainable materials or just by offering an eco-friendly product are a great way to go. How will you be going green today?