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Bathroom Design Trends

Bathroom Design

Bathroom Design

Just as there are trends in clothing and fashion, there trends in interior design. This is true for every room of the house, but particularly in the bathroom. Over the last few years as the trends in overall home remodeling have changed, the bathroom has been following right along. These are some of the current trends that we see repeatedly in the interior design of bathrooms.

Colors of the Future

There was a day when nearly every bathroom was white or off-white with splashes of color interjected here and there. Today’s interior design for the bathroom includes earthy colors which use browns and grays accented with white. Some lean toward using brighter colors such as blues, oranges, and greens along with these neutral colors. This offers a natural feel to the bathroom and yet adds some personality into the design with splashes of color here and there. One modern trend is to add colors by using colored mosaic tiles for borders, backsplashes and shower floors. Other use a colorful glass shower screen or add colors to the room by incorporating colorful countertops in the design. Continue reading