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Island Bathroom Design

Pelican Shower/Bath

Pelican Shower/Bath

Warm island breezes, crystal blue water, soothing scents dancing in the wind. Ahh, an island paradise. If only you could have these sensations at home. Now you can, with a little inspiration and your own sense of style.

The islands of Hawaii are a painting created by Mother Nature. Use the colors in and around the island to turn your Hanover, NJ bathroom into a bathroom that reminds you of the isolated beaches of Lanai Island, Hawaii. Your island bathroom theme comes from the tropics, with an emphasis on all things outside. Continue reading

Bathroom Design Trends for 2014

Bathroom tile

Bathroom tile

Designing a bathroom may be hard to do depending on who you’re working with or what you would like to get from the bathroom that you currently have. With any type of bathroom remodeling in Cupertino, you have to look into many different factors that affect the way that you’re going to remodel and design your bathroom. Considering these factors prior to moving forward with the remodel or bathroom design can help you figure out the best plan of action to take before you decide to move forward with it. Continue reading

Bathroom Cabinet Design Options


Modern Bathroom Vanity

Modern Bathroom Vanity

Bathroom cabinets have the practical function of providing storage in this very important room. When considering a bathroom remodeling project a homeowner must consider how to provide adequate storage for toiletries and other necessities. It’s important to find the best way to organize storage options while utilizing the available space. The final choice of the homeowner will depend largely on the size of the bathroom, personal preference and what will best accommodate the storage needs. When remodeling the bathroom, homeowners can choose cabinets that match the color scheme and existing décor. Cabinets can be inexpensive and installed by the homeowner or they can choose expensive models that require a professional contractor to install properly. There are many different design options available to meet the need but in general bathroom cabinets will come in three basic designs. Continue reading

Best Bathroom Paint Colors

Bathroom Design

Bathroom Design

When we think about house painting and choosing interior paint for the smallest room in the house, the bathroom; it somehow becomes a very big problem. The smaller size of the room poses a problem as some colors can become oppressive. But there are ways to incorporate any of the homeowner’s favorite colors into the interior design of the room’s décor. Colors can evoke emotions, support the interior design scheme, or help create function in this very important room. While the homeowner may choose any color for the bathroom, there are some colors that prove to be best for the bathroom.

Neutral Colors

Neutral colors work very well in this usually small room. Using varying shades can help add texture to the room without making it seem even smaller. Varying shades of beige, gray or tan are very good choices which can add some color as well as help to create a more tranquil mood. Sometimes neutral colors can give the illusion of more space and adding metal fixtures can be the perfect focal point for the room. Neutrals can also work very well when they are used along with light pastels. They are also an exceptional choice because they allow for many different options for adding some splashes of color. Neutrals are complimented by virtually any color. Continue reading

Bathroom Design Trends

Bathroom Design

Bathroom Design

Just as there are trends in clothing and fashion, there trends in interior design. This is true for every room of the house, but particularly in the bathroom. Over the last few years as the trends in overall home remodeling have changed, the bathroom has been following right along. These are some of the current trends that we see repeatedly in the interior design of bathrooms.

Colors of the Future

There was a day when nearly every bathroom was white or off-white with splashes of color interjected here and there. Today’s interior design for the bathroom includes earthy colors which use browns and grays accented with white. Some lean toward using brighter colors such as blues, oranges, and greens along with these neutral colors. This offers a natural feel to the bathroom and yet adds some personality into the design with splashes of color here and there. One modern trend is to add colors by using colored mosaic tiles for borders, backsplashes and shower floors. Other use a colorful glass shower screen or add colors to the room by incorporating colorful countertops in the design. Continue reading

3 Big Ways to Make a Small Bathroom Luxurious

Pelican Shower/Bath

Pelican Shower/Bath

With so many of us leading busy lives and rushing about from here to there, it can be difficult to set aside time to conceptualize, much less carry out, any home improvements. Between work, school, social engagements and other obligations you may often spend so little time at home that you scarcely have a moment to consider whether you’re happy with your dwellings. That is, until you step into your bathroom or kitchen each morning and have that fleeting thought of, “I really should fix/change/replace/ that”. Our only true sanctuary from the outside world, home is where the heart is, and it can be wonderful to focus a bit of effort on your own space. Having a luxurious bathroom can truly improve your quality of life, so even if you’ve got a small area to work with, it pays to make it as comfortable as possible.

Big Items First

When designing a bathroom, the larger fixtures generally must come first. Items like a bath, shower, and sink must be chosen with care according to the bathroom’s measurements and plumbing locations. However, even smaller spaces can take advantage of luxury fixtures. Experts agree that having a bath of any size will increase your home’s value for future buyers.  The most practical way to implement a bath in a small space is to opt for a shower bath , which allows you to make the most of your floor space. Space-saving toilets can be very attractive as well, so look for styles like back to wall toilets and wall hung models to make the room seem streamlined instead of small. Compact, even minuscule sinks are available in a variety of styles. You’ll be amazed by how nice it feels to rest your eyes on a shiny new sink instead of an old, moldy, cracked or stained one. Replacing this feature will add major luxury appeal.

Make the Space Seem Bigger

It’s difficult to make a cramped space luxurious, but you can use a few tricks to make it seem bigger. First off, make sure to eliminate all clutter by storing it properly (implement proper storage if necessary). A good tip for smaller bathrooms is to use open shelving; it allows the eye to travel to the wall, opening up the space. The same goes for clear glass shower doors instead of a curtain. Check your lighting to make sure it makes your bathroom light and bright- few truly luxurious bathrooms are dark and dank. If possible, leave any windows uncovered to allow for maximum natural illumination. Install mirrors on dull walls, to reflect light and give the appearance of a room that goes on much further.

Luxurious Accessories

What exactly is it that makes a bathroom ‘luxurious’? Aside from having smaller versions of larger luxury features, like a shower bath, many times all a small space needs is the right luxurious accessories. Replace an old plastic shower head with a chrome model, and switch out your basin taps for chrome as well. If you’ve always fancied having marble or stone tiles, a small bath can be a great place to install them, as you’ll need far less material to cover your space. Purchase thick, plush towels, scented candles and quality soap. You can also consider added an extra luxurious heating element, such as a heated towel rack or underfloor heating. Many luxurious bathrooms also incorporate texture, in order to create a sensorial experience. Try adding a plush rug for the floor or have a velvet bathrobe to slip into. By adapting the guidelines for larger bathrooms to fit any space, you too can have a luxurious bathroom.

Sonia Bieber is a home design expert and avid cyclist. She spends her free time in the great outdoors, but appreciates coming home to her cozy home, family and two cats. She is also a freelance writer for Bathroom Heaven, retailers of luxurious bathroom furniture and fixtures.

Types of Bathroom Flooring

There comes a time for every homeowner to consider several aspects of home remodeling. These considerations will eventually work their way around to the bathrooms. There are many choices including fixtures, storage, painting and lighting. But you will also have to find what you believe to be the best bathroom flooring.

Other remodeling options are pretty easy to find solutions to. There are also many various options for fixtures and indoor lighting for bathrooms. But when it comes to the flooring very careful consideration must be given. For instance, carpet works great in other rooms of the house, but in the bathrooms it can be disastrous. It can get wet and moldy. There’s nothing welcoming about those kinds of trapped odors!

But there are some viable options for bathroom flooring. It is up to you to decide which the best is for you. Tile, laminate and vinyl are the most popular choices for covering bathroom floors. Each of these has their own set of benefits.

Ceramic tiles can look wonderful in the bathroom. It is a super durable choice. Not only will it last as long as the house if it is damaged you only have the expense of changing out the particular tile that is stained or broken. You don’t have to replace the entire floor.

Vinyl flooring is available in tiles or sheets. Sheeting is installed easily and quickly. Vinyl is durable but it will begin to wear out in high traffic areas. The trouble with that is that when it begins to wear down the entire floor will have to be replaced.

Laminate is another alternative in bathroom flooring. It’s been used in home remodeling for years, but not so long for bathrooms. The advantage is that it is much less expensive than ceramic tiling. When it is installed it has a special overlay that will help it be a little softer on the feet and also help alleviate noise.

Laminate and vinyl come in a wide variety of styles and designs. Some styles can look like other types of floors such as wood or stone. But the advantage is that the cleaning and maintenance is much easier!

Remodeling the Bathroom

Sometimes the most overlooked area in home remodeling can be the bathroom. We think a lot about how we want rooms rearranged, color coordinated and how to maximize the space. We forget that these are all viable options for the bathroom in our home as well. How do you know when it is time to remodel your bathroom?

Sometimes the fixtures will let you know that it is time to consider remodeling. If it’s a struggle to turn the water off and on, the faucets drip or the toilet sways while in use it is time to think about remodeling.

Perhaps it is the poor condition of the walls that first turned your attention toward a full bathroom remodel. Struggling to store all the necessary bathroom items may be what first got your attention. Or it may have been the lack of decent lighting.

Any or all of these can be indications that it is time (or past time) to begin major renovations. The bathroom, just like any type of home remodeling, can be done all at once or a little at a time as finances allow.

For the most part fixtures must not be moved since they are hooked into main water supplies. This makes it difficult to move them. One option if room allows is to keep the water supply where it is and turn the tub a different direction. This allows for minimal movement of hookups but can provide additional room or just change the aesthetics of the room.

If you are tired of the lack of storage in the bathroom areas of your home there may be some easy solutions when remodeling. A top shelving unit can be extended the length of a wall, or a small cabinet can be made into a full closet that extends from ceiling to floor. This can add storage space as well as change the looks of the room.

There can be many signs that it is time to remodel your bathroom. It certainly should not be the most frustrating room in the house. Talk to your contractor to explore options in home remodeling.

Remodeling Your Bathroom

House remodeling is a major expense that we do only every several years. Sometimes 2 to 3 decades will pass without anything being remodelled. Once you’ve decided to renovate, there will be a lot to fix up like the kitchen, the flooring, roofing, bedrooms, the bathrooms and landscaping. Bathrooms, although tiny compared to the other rooms can be a costly part of house remodeling.

Bath and toilet fixtures are quite expensive and you will have to install high quality fixtures because it takes too much work to keep changing them. The toilet and sink are permanent fixtures that you can’t easily pull out and replace. Then, there are bathroom mirrors to worry about and dozens of bathroom lighting fixtures to choose from.

Some people prefer to have brightly lit bathrooms while others like dim pin lights to give it a cosier feel. House remodeling companies can show you so many types of bathroom lighting fixtures to choose from that it can be dizzying. Bottom line is you will have a lot of choices to pick from. Bathroom mirrors have to be professionally installed by a glass installer. Glass installers are supposed to be highly skilled at what they do because a badly mounted mirror or glass partition in your bathroom can easily shatter or break.

Most people put a lot of emphasis on the toilet fixture, sink, faucets and shower but neglect to see the importance of the bathroom mirrors and bathroom lighting fixtures. Lighting can instantly change the ambiance and feel of a room. It affects our mood and how functional or how elegant a room becomes. The same thing goes for bathroom mirrors and glass partitions in the shower area.

Glass partitions can be etched, tinted, frosted or clear. You can have folding glass doors or sliding shower doors. Bathroom mirrors can also have etched designs on the sides and have any shape that would be suitable for the overall design of the bathroom. It can be built-in to the wall or come in an elegant frame. Your remodeling contractor can show you samples or take you to the showroom of their supplier so you can see your choices first hand.