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Types of Bathroom Flooring

There comes a time for every homeowner to consider several aspects of home remodeling. These considerations will eventually work their way around to the bathrooms. There are many choices including fixtures, storage, painting and lighting. But you will also have to find what you believe to be the best bathroom flooring.

Other remodeling options are pretty easy to find solutions to. There are also many various options for fixtures and indoor lighting for bathrooms. But when it comes to the flooring very careful consideration must be given. For instance, carpet works great in other rooms of the house, but in the bathrooms it can be disastrous. It can get wet and moldy. There’s nothing welcoming about those kinds of trapped odors!

But there are some viable options for bathroom flooring. It is up to you to decide which the best is for you. Tile, laminate and vinyl are the most popular choices for covering bathroom floors. Each of these has their own set of benefits.

Ceramic tiles can look wonderful in the bathroom. It is a super durable choice. Not only will it last as long as the house if it is damaged you only have the expense of changing out the particular tile that is stained or broken. You don’t have to replace the entire floor.

Vinyl flooring is available in tiles or sheets. Sheeting is installed easily and quickly. Vinyl is durable but it will begin to wear out in high traffic areas. The trouble with that is that when it begins to wear down the entire floor will have to be replaced.

Laminate is another alternative in bathroom flooring. It’s been used in home remodeling for years, but not so long for bathrooms. The advantage is that it is much less expensive than ceramic tiling. When it is installed it has a special overlay that will help it be a little softer on the feet and also help alleviate noise.

Laminate and vinyl come in a wide variety of styles and designs. Some styles can look like other types of floors such as wood or stone. But the advantage is that the cleaning and maintenance is much easier!