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Modern Bathroom Remodeling Trends

bathroom shower windowGrowing technology and changing tastes are making bathroom remodels demanding of upscale features and finished looks. The bathroom was once an area that people wanted to just go to, do their business and leave. Now, an oasis is the goal, a place to spend some time and relax after a hard day at work. While some find a few of the latest bathroom trends to be a bit much, many find the luxuries and additions to be necessary.

Multi-Head Showering Systems

Multi-head showering systems, such as those that have jets that are installed along the walls of the shower, are very popular in 2014. A high-end system can be programmed to allow each jet to have a different spray or intensity for a full body massaging effect. Combine this with a steam element and it is better than soaking in a hot tub or Jacuzzi. Continue reading

Bathroom Design Trends for 2014

Bathroom tile

Bathroom tile

Designing a bathroom may be hard to do depending on who you’re working with or what you would like to get from the bathroom that you currently have. With any type of bathroom remodeling in Cupertino, you have to look into many different factors that affect the way that you’re going to remodel and design your bathroom. Considering these factors prior to moving forward with the remodel or bathroom design can help you figure out the best plan of action to take before you decide to move forward with it. Continue reading

Bathroom Renovations: Bathroom is Your Sanctuary

Have you ever wanted to renovate your bathroom but was unsure of what you wanted n such a small space? Well, homeowners Tom and Gary share their quest to turn their master bath from drab and dull to relaxing and sensual with the help from Bathroom Renovations in home remodeling. Tom and Gary are new to remodeling and turned to licensed home renovator Amy Matthews. She had great ideas and options for them, but they ultimately stuck with their vision of large travertine tile with pebble tile accents.

Amy, Tom, and Gary worked together to build the perfect bathroom. Tom and Amy started with pasting mortem, a cement –like texture that insulates and has a shield- like mechanism, on to the walls. They then add a waterproof membrane before adding the pebble, to add the outdoors look and feel that Tom and Gary love so much. Great tips in turning this vision into a reality, after adding the pebble they had to add grout to make this hold. Grouting the pebble can be hard when using conventional tools, using hands works great.

Once the shower is complete, custom nook and the vanity is added to the bathroom. Thereafter, the cherry wood floating vanity is installed, which adds space to store their bathroom items. Given the fact that the counters had to float and were so heavy, they used buckets to stabilize the counter while the used an impact wrench to drill. Too often, then not, regular household items can aide as tools in renovating. Floating vanity and cabinet, leak proof shower, outdoor pebble shower feel, and a wider shower makes this bathroom a sanctuary like no other.