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Asian Inspired Interior Design

Modern Bathroom Vanity

Double sinks

There is a growing trend in luxury interior home decorating. It brings to mind exotic locales and tastes, serene environments and emotions. This growing trend tantalizes the eyes and begs to be touched. The Far East contains a vast playground of inspirations that can be incorporated into today’s luxury homes.

Homes in Woodbridge, NJ, use touches of Chinese inspiration in their décor. Chinese inspired bathrooms tend to be more ecologically friendly. Most materials are either recycled or are from environmentally sustainable sources. Elegant, ecological, and practical touches include teak wood mats, dark earthen wares, live bamboo plants, organic cotton towels, and natural soy candles. Wall paints or wallpapers in the palest gold or yellow hint at early morning are also a few touches that bring the serenity of a bamboo forest into the bathroom. Continue reading

Window Treatments for your Bedroom

Bedroom Window Treatments

Bedroom Window Treatments

Sometimes the bedroom doesn’t get the attention it deserves, but it is the first thing you see each morning and the last place you see every night. Remodeling and decorating the bedroom is a very important aspect of home ownership. Choosing the right types of window treatments is very important for the overall effect in this important room and every aspect can be discussed with a Phoenix home remodeling and design professional. Privacy and light are both very important aspects that need to be considered when choosing bedroom window treatments. The fabric, texture and style are important as you really want this room to be relaxing and comfortable. Window treatments should be complimentary of the overall décor and style of the room. Here are some of the most popular types of window treatments used in bedroom design. Continue reading