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Best Paint for Interior Painting

Interior Paint colors

Interior Paint

Each room has its own décor and calls for various color schemes and furnishings. They also require different colors and types of paint for interior painting. Choosing the color is not usually too difficult as it will aesthetically match the room’s overall décor. Color choices can simply be a matter of taste in interior design. Choosing the right type of sheen can be the more difficult part of the selection since it will require both some practicality and also be a matter of style. Sheen refers to how much light will be reflected from the painted surface and the type of sheen used will be determined by how the space is used and the desired look. Continue reading

Best Paint for Exterior Painting

Painted house

Painted house

Choosing the right exterior paint for a project can be a difficult task at best. In most cases, interior painting is done on only one type of surface but exterior painting can be on a wide variety of surfaces. Surfaces may include wood, aluminum siding, cedar shakes, brick, concrete blocks, stucco or even painting over old paint. Older homes and some modern designs may necessitate painting multiple types of surfaces which further complicates exterior paint selection. One good thing is that there are many different types of paints and this means that there is an exterior paint which is made for each type of surface.

Latex vs. Alkyd

Many homeowners choose latex paints for exterior painting projects because it is much easier to apply, dries quicker and is easy to clean up with just soap and water. The disadvantage to using latex paints is that they will not cover oil based paints well and they will not adhere to some surfaces. Alkyd paints are very durable, but they dry more slowly and are more difficult to work with. Alkyd paints cannot be cleaned up easily as proper clean up will require the use of solvents in order to get the oil based paints out of brushes, paint trays, rollers and drips. Continue reading