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Interior Design Trends for 2013

Black and White Interior paint

Black and White Interior Paint

The year of 2013 is exciting in the world of interior design. The economy is making a little bit of a rebound and many homeowners are more willing to take on home remodeling and house painting projects. This year has opened up a whole new stylish flavor.  As we see over time the way we express ourselves in decorating changes. New colors and styles are making their way to the front. Here are a few of the popular trends in interior design.

Colors that are In

Some of the colors you will see used in house painting are going to look familiar. In 2012, we used a lot of bright oranges, tangerines and bright yellows. This year will capitalize on these already stylish colors, but they will be muted. It is very likely to see a lot of ambers and mellow yellows. Light and bright blues will be in this year. We may see a lot of periwinkle as well as some bright blues because they also offer a calming effect. Navy will be used when a sophisticated air is desired. And neutrals will still be used quite a lot but look for colors like smokey gray or light tan to be used a lot more. Red is still in this year and it is likely it will be seen in many home’s décor. Continue reading

Top Paint Colors for 2013

Color Trends in Paint

Trending Neutral Shades

Color trends change from year to year as homes go for more modern looks. Many of the coming year’s home remodeling projects will certainly incorporate new interior painting color schemes. One reason that changes are in order is that many colors that used to be taboo are now very popular in interior design. The outlook appears to include bold and bright colors, some as part of the primary décor and other may use it to accent or compliment. Here are some of the main paint colors that are expected to be popular in 2013. Continue reading