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Home Design Trends for 2013

Although there are not fast shifts in home décor, we do notice certain trends as they begin to occur. These are more of a slow move in one direction or another that happen over time, but not all at once. As last year came to a close we observed some aspects of home décor that were beginning to trend. Some decorating habits from last year will be long gone by the end of this year and many trends seem to hold on just a little while longer. Here are some of the main home design trends that we are likely to see continue throughout 2013. Continue reading

Interior Design Trends for Women

Decorative Details

Decorative Details in Bathroom Decor

With the current economic climate, many people are choosing home remodeling projects over purchasing and moving to a new location. Women are making a move toward some interesting design trends that offer a great level of comfort with an element of elegance and luxury. They enjoy expressing themselves with unique color combinations and exciting ideas for interior design and decorating. The latest interior design trends allows for a lot of freedom and creativity. New color schemes allow for the use of bright and dark colors that once were taboo in the home decorating scene. There are several feminine trends worth talking about. Continue reading

Interior Design Trends for Men

Neutral Colors

Bathroom in Neutral Colors

Man is a logical creature so when we think about interior design for men, we need to make sure that the space is very well used, practical and functional without overlooking comfort. It is important to spend adequate time planning a room or home remodeling project. Think about all the elements that will need to be in the room; furnishings, color scheme and paint colors, accessories and adequate storage space. If we put all this together into an interior design scheme for men, we will find that their need will be met when we concentrate on these three areas: functionality, personality and comfort. Continue reading