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How to save Money on Bathroom Remodeling

bathroom addition

Master bathroom addition

So you want to do a bathroom remodel and don’t want to take out a second mortgage or dip into your children’s college fund?  That’s understandable so here are some tips to help you with your bathroom remodel.

Choose a realistic budget

When you begin to plan your bathroom remodel, pick out the large items in the kitchen that will absorb a large portion of your budget.  These can be anything like faucets, sinks, countertops, flooring.  By itemizing the big ticket items, you can assign prices to the needed features.  More importantly, it will keep you from straying outside of your affordability.  That’s easy to do on any remodeling project.

Save up money in advance

Use the money you saved up to make your purchases.  Living in New Jersey is associated with going to the shore as often as you can so saving money may mean taking fewer trips to the beach.  This means paying with good old green cash!  We are all tempted to put everything on our credit cards to get a small percentage back or get reward miles.  This works on everyday purchases…..but not so well on a bathroom remodel.  Before you know it, your credit card bill will be so large that you may have difficulty paying it off in full and getting interest charged on a balance you have to carry.  Saving up money may take a little while longer than you planned, especially when un-foreseen expenses arise.

Be prepared to get dirty

This means diving in and begin doing things by yourself.  Things like removing the toilet, sink, and faucets can easily be done by a DIYer  Don’t worry if you haven’t done these before.  There is always help on the internet on how to do these things.  Regardless of the task, it’s always easy to “undo” something than to “do” it.  You aren’t out of the woods yet.  You can put these things back in the bathroom so pay attention to what you are doing.  Better yet, jot down some notes as you are tearing fixtures out.  You will be happy you did later on.

Get creative and thrifty

If you don’t want to shell out big bucks for a manufactured assembly line vanity, make one yourself.  It sounds intimidating but if you take inventory of your skill level working with wood… you should be able to create one within your skill set.  Use an old piece of furniture as a vanity.  Small dressers are popular.  This has become stylish and will be one of a kind.  Go to your Habitat for Humanity store and see what they have to offer.  You just might find some good deals.

Go to Craigslist and look for items. Most localities have Thrift stores. You would be surprised what you can find there.  Consider re-glazing your tub with a porcelain finish as opposed to replacing it.  These are just a few ideas.  You can springboard from them in many directions all in the name of saving money.

Decide where to splurge and where to save

What are your priorities / end goals with this remodel? Are there specific problems you are trying to fix? A leaking toilet? Mildewy sheetrock? Are the bath, toilet and sink okay but the hardware and accessories are out of date?  If your toilet and sink work just fine, consider reusing them UNLESS OF COURSE they are that god awful sea foam green or pink color of the 1950’s.

Pick a tile for your floor that is reasonably priced.  The spectrum of tiles is huge and so goes the price too.  Find something that you can live with and is affordable.

Add 5% to 10% for cost over runs

This may not sound like a cost saving tip but it is.  If you build some padding into your budget it will ease the pain of overruns.  If in fact you’ve done such a thrifty job that you have money left, consider this a bonus for completing the job.