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Exterior Painting Trends for 2014

green house-red doorIn 2014, homeowners are taking it back to the basics when it comes to the exterior design and paint scheme of their homes. Traditional colors that aren’t so bright and bold are in the forefront once again. This means that we might be seeing more traditional white or beige houses in the neighborhood. Identifying homes by their landscaping or the vehicle in the driveway might come back to life.

Keep it Simple

Other than a traditional Victorian home, multiple colors in regards to the exterior of a home is going to be a big faux pas this year. Select one base color and one trim color, that’s it. Trying to add multiple trim colors just confuses the design and makes it look overdone. Potential homebuyers also find homes that are simple to look at on the outside, as far as design is concerned, to be more attractive. Continue reading

Top Exterior Paint Colors

enamelpaintsThe top exterior paint colors for 2014 are likely to vary depending on the region of the US that you live in. In northern New Jersey, for instance, colors of the cape are likely to be prevalent. This means that light blues with white trim and creamy yellows with white trim are likely to be common. White homes with a traditional black trim and bright red door should also be considered as a top trend. This year it’s back to the basics when it comes to exterior paint colors for the home.

Color of the Year for 2014

The color of the year is called A Breath of Fresh Air. It is a very light, pale blue. This color is pleasing to the eye and has a very calming effect. It is also quite versatile when it comes to complementing trim colors. Continue reading

How Often Should I Paint My House?

Interior paint

Painted wall and supplies

Our homes are an investment that needs to be protected with proper maintenance. Interior and exterior painting are home remodeling projects which need to be done periodically in order to help retain or improve the home’s value. There is not one set rule that tells a home owner what type of exterior painting schedule should be followed. Most of the time, it is understood that a home needs to be painted about every 5 to 8 years. But this can depend largely on the type of paint that was used as well as the climatic conditions where the home is located. Some areas have weather conditions that are harsher on a home’s exterior than others. Most homeowners do not do a walk around inspection of their home every single day but there are ways to determine when it is time to paint the house. Continue reading

Commercial Remodeling Versus Residential Remodeling

Kitchen remodel

Kitchen remodeling

There are many similarities between residential and commercial remodeling projects. They both can be performed to improve the looks of the structure, or make the building more energy efficient. Some of the same types of tasks can be completed in both types of projects such as painting, replacing flooring, installing plumbing fixtures or bathroom remodeling. But there are also some key differences between commercial remodeling and residential remodeling. Continue reading

Choosing The Color For Your House

Home remodeling can entail a lot of work from taking down walls, changing light fixtures, scraping off old paint, house painting, retiling, roofing and landscaping. For an ordinary home owner, all that work can be a little daunting. Professionals like us deal with these kinds of tasks on a daily basis. We are used to it and after several years in the business, we can say that we are experienced enough to provide the kind of service that will satisfy even the most meticulous of customers.

Our house remodeling service can provide you with a more functional kitchen that any cook can be proud of. We can retile your floors or install carpets and wood flooring. When we do have to repaint, we follow safety regulations to ensure that your home is not contaminated with toxic old paint that we have to scrape off. House painting is a highly regulated industry due to the old toxic paints used several years ago. Today, we only use paint that does not contain any lead. Lead in paint can cause lung problems and lead poisoning especially in children.

Garden landscaping can complete the look of your newly renovated home. The effect of a new look and fresh paint can be accentuated by a new garden. Your home will practically look brand new. Even your home’s market value will go up. A professional landscape contractor can add value to your already beautiful home. He can create a garden that will match the general motif of your house so that the interiors and exterior of your home will match.

Our landscape contractor and house remodeling company can provide you with a quotation without hidden charges. We also offer a guarantee for our work which proves that our service starts before, during and after a project. With our professionalism and all the perks that come with our service, you can’t help but be confident in investing your hard earned money with us.

Painting Your House

When remodeling a home, there are many things that we consider, like the cost and quality of materials, labor cost, completion time, hiring the right contractor for the job, the future appearance of our master bedroom, kitchen, activity room, dining room, living room, garage, etc. Literally, we will be inundated with a lot of items which will require that we eventually make a final decision. There will be times when the decision, similar to making an important business decision, will be tough for us as there will be uncertainties involved. These uncertainties are likely caused by us not yet having the right level of detail or information to make an informed decision. To add to this, we are never really sure if what is shown in the blueprint, sketch or computer screen will be how it will appear when the job is done. There will always be that doubt; that anxiety within us. After all, there’s a good reason for us to be as such as we will be parting away with our hard-earned money and we can’t afford to make bad decisions.

What I have written above is a normal process that a lot of people undergo when they decide to remodel a home. That being said, I would like to focus my attention, at least for this article, on an aspect that most home owners usually do not give much attention to – the paint job. Most owners will be satisfied to know that the right color mix will be in place to give the home its identity and that the symphony of colors would be attuned to their visual senses. That being said, not a lot of thought is put into knowing more about the quality of paints to be used, the potential hazards of removing old paint, the lasting and cost-saving effect of using high grade paints, and choosing the right painting contractor/professional for the job. For most, having the job done for a reasonable cost is what matters. What they do not know is that they would be spending more in the long run if the paint they used wore off earlier than expected. In addition, there are health hazard issues posed by activities related to old paint removal like sanding, demotion and cutting as lead dust and chips fly around in the air. Not surprisingly, these are caused by lead-based paints which were widely used in the past. Did you know that the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) has recently issued a rule that sanctions contractors in their repair, renovation and repainting activities to limit the risk posed by lead poisoning? The rule mandates that companies or contractors must be certified and must follow certain work practices that would ensure the prevention of lead contamination as they undertake activities that would disturb lead-based paints in structures. It is for these reasons that home owners should give more thought when it comes to finding the right painting contractor to undertake the paint job in a home remodeling project. We home owners should not leave anything to chance and hiring the right painting contractor will provide us with answers as we make important decisions in our remodeling efforts.

Things to consider about house painting

There are many factors to consider when painting your home. Many of the factors in painting your home include the location that painting is needed, the color you chose to paint your home, the technique you will use in painting your home, and deciding if you will hire a professional or if you will do it yourself. Each of these factors is very important and is important for many different reasons
Location plays an important role in deciding how you will get started. Are you painting the interior, exterior, or both? If you’re painting the interior of your home, which room you will be painting, what is the size of room, and how does this location meet different mood and lighting elements. Paint often sets the mood for that room or when arriving to your home.

Color is of great importance when painting your home. Use a color wheel to pick colors that will compliment each other. AS mentioned before lighting plays an important factor, different hues dependant on night time, sunshine, or the lighting available call for different paint colors for your home. A bedroom should be a calming color like blue or green. Family rooms should bring about a form of positive energy best displayed with bright colors like orange, red, or yellow.

What technique will you use in painting your home? Rag rolling, this is a method used with rags that are a like in color to make a beautiful affect usually upon your interior walls. A popular method is sponge painting, this is pretty self explanatory. Stippling is another example of a painting technique often used, this is a method often made by vertical lines with a paint brush, often used on panels.

Will you be hiring a professional to ensure painting is done properly and beautifully? There is nothing worse then looking at a home that was not painted properly. A job done without using proper methods can look unprofessional. Hiring a professional is best because it leaves out room for error and comes with a warranty. Painting your home should be a worry free experience, if you don’t know what you’re doing, worry less and hire an expert.

What to look for in a house painter

Do you need your house painted or are you looking for an expert to do siding for your home? Don’t cut corners, look for a professional and do your research. Hiring a trusted experienced contractor is very important in having a big job done like painting or siding a home! Doing so means a job well done, saving money in the long run, and peace of mind for you while the work is being done.

7 tips to follow in choosing the right contractor:
• Great References – check your contractors references, maybe look at their past work
• Credentials – certified or not, make sure this contractor has their license
• Reference materials – make sure you understand the work being completed
• Warranty on Labor & Materials – get your warranty on labor and materials
• Experience – how long has this contractor been in the business
• Estimate with Price Guarantee – know what your paying for
• Written contract – make sure you get everything in writing
Don’t get stuck with an unprofessional job trying to cut corners in cost hiring a painter or someone to do the siding on your home. In choosing the right contractor you will have peace of mind and have saved money in the end in not needing to deal with costly repairs because the job wasn’t well done in the first place. Check your contractor’s credentials and get everything in writing!