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What to look for in a house painter

Do you need your house painted or are you looking for an expert to do siding for your home? Don’t cut corners, look for a professional and do your research. Hiring a trusted experienced contractor is very important in having a big job done like painting or siding a home! Doing so means a job well done, saving money in the long run, and peace of mind for you while the work is being done.

7 tips to follow in choosing the right contractor:
• Great References – check your contractors references, maybe look at their past work
• Credentials – certified or not, make sure this contractor has their license
• Reference materials – make sure you understand the work being completed
• Warranty on Labor & Materials – get your warranty on labor and materials
• Experience – how long has this contractor been in the business
• Estimate with Price Guarantee – know what your paying for
• Written contract – make sure you get everything in writing
Don’t get stuck with an unprofessional job trying to cut corners in cost hiring a painter or someone to do the siding on your home. In choosing the right contractor you will have peace of mind and have saved money in the end in not needing to deal with costly repairs because the job wasn’t well done in the first place. Check your contractor’s credentials and get everything in writing!