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Real Estate Intervention: Make room for baby

The Patel’s have a young baby already and another baby soon coming, wanting to sell their current home to purchase a home with larger space; they’re in for a Real Estate Interventions. Not only will they have a new addition to their family, family will come to stay to see baby. There is no room for this at this time and time is ticking, the Patel’s want to be settled before baby comes.

The Patel’s look into selling options before looking at buying options; Real Estate Intervention walks over the current market and give them realistic options in pricing options and in how to best sell their home. Currently the Patel’s condo has granite counter tops, nice roomy cabinets, hardwood flooring, and a nice sized fireplace which adds value to their condo. However, it is not enough for the price they want. They want 549k when other like condos is selling for 495K. These other condos actually have added benefits so the Patel’s really need to look into their asking price first. The problem, the Patel’s at least wanted to break even.

Not only do the Patel’s have to lower their price, they have changes to make. Their enormous bed and television in their master bedroom should be removed before selling; it makes the room look too small. With the second room being a nursery, buyers won’t see extra room as a defined space of an additional room… Real Estate Intervention recommends adding room furnishings when selling. Many of these tips you can receive from our friends, Short Hills real estate, just as the Patel’s heard from Real Estate intervention. In the end, the Patel’s didn’t list at 495k but listed for 525k. They only received 500k. The Patel’s agree the show was helpful even though didn’t follow Mike’s advise. Had they followed his advice, they may have sold their home sooner.

Curb Appeal: The Block: Car Crash Catastrophe

Three years prior to airing this segment of the Curb Appeal: The Block, the Tates experienced a Car Crash Catastrophe. Their beautiful home became “that house” to many neighbors. With a $20,000 transformation, “that house” became “the house” of the block. When making a dramatic change the value of the whole neighborhood goes up along with the house. This is very beneficial for all.

Larry and Hillary Tate’s home has been the eyesore for years. Their home has a leaning fence, a deep driveway that is sunken underground, a front door with no personality, and grass growing through the cracks. The host to Curb Appeal speaks to the home owners to go over their desires. Hillary Tate has a long list of ideas and the host now has something to work with.

The crew gets started with their long overhaul. The fence is taken down; the garage door is taken down as well. The driveway is then completely demolished to make the garage into a basement adding dirt to make a leveled driveway. The neighbor complains in hopes to save her red maple trees from having little room to grow. Curb Appeal makes big changes, curving the driveway which adds value to the home. All is pleased once again. Finally the roofing NJ is complete, and it’s time to paint. Once all is done, the home looks beautiful and all the Tate’s neighbors are ecstatic.

Curb Appeal: The Block, right? The block gets added help. Other homes on the street need some help too. Melissa needed a new porch floors, and explains this she plans to fix soon. The host recommends she use composite board for her new deck renovations. I would recommend deck lighting NJ as well. The crew helps by adding planters, flower baskets and even fixed her quant swing, all within a budget of $500 dollars. A job well done and the equity of the homes are higher. This works out great for all.

Desperate Landscapes – The worst yard on the block

Driving home from work and catching a look each day at a neighbor’s disastrous front yard can be disturbing. Imagine how the home owner feels about driving up to their driveway each day. I can only imagine, when I skip mowing my lawn and it grows tall I’m a bit disturbed. Toys everywhere, weeds, burnt grass, dumpster in the front yard, dead trees, old paint… We’ve seen it all before.

Desperate Landscapes host, Jason Cameron, comes to aide Tom, Kara and family. The neighborhood is otherwise nice with beautiful landscapes and beach styled property equipped with fresh paint, nice deck, and beautiful window treatments. The neighbors complain and compare their homes to that of Tom and Kara, all to see Jason unload a truck full of trees, flowers, bushes, dirt, grass, and landscaping equipment.

Jason gets busy with the real work now. His crew and the family of the home owners get busy removing shutters, painting the house, painting the door, adding a custom fence, adding big trees, shrubs, and does this all in 8 hours. One mistake, the cable line is accidently cut; they can now use a licensed electrician NJ.

Naturally, the host gets the reaction of the home owner’s neighbors once the job is complete. The neighbors are shocked and ecstatic that such a great landscaping job was done, and completed so quickly. The best thing is that Tom and Kara feel like their house is now the best yard on the block and are refreshed.

Besides the outcome to the whole project and the overall morale of the neighborhood, there are a few key points that stand out in the way Desperate Landscapes gets things done. The show donates reusable items or recycles them in any way they can. The host gives great tips such as how to mix paint and tools that can be used to do so, use a drill with a mixing bit. The host, full of energy, gives great tips on how to landscape and how to use tools properly. Jason doesn’t stop there. He educated his viewers how to choose these tools when purchasing them as well. Overall, Desperate Landscapes is an informative show with plenty of energy who makes lives of those who have eyesore landscapes in better shape.

Hidden Potential – Keeping the family together

Two young newlyweds, living in tight headquarters, need major help if they will continue to share their home. Hidden Potential comes to aide in giving these newlyweds options in buying a new home or in remodeling their current home to fit the family comfortably. Those sharing a home consist of two sisters, their husbands, and catch this… one is expecting a baby! They need to add more space to their current home or someone has reached their time to go.

The problem is that the sisters always have lived together, so staying close to each other is ideal. The host to Hidden Potential shows the non-expectant party several houses near their current home that meet the parties needs. It was agreed their main concern was that their current home was outdated and there isn’t room enough for two couples to be comfortable in.

The couple first viewed two co-ops, one that needed major remodeling and one that needed little updates. After viewing the co-ops they were shown remodeled examples virtually. They showed room by room as to how the co-ops would be remodeled, such as opening up the kitchen, updating hardwood flooring, building onto the bathrooms and making the master suite larger equipped with master closet (the list goes on and on). Once the updated co-ops were viewed virtually, the lively host went over cost for each home after remodeling was complete showing the couple they would still be within their budget.

Will the couple move out or update their current home? Hidden Potential’s host showed their current home updated. Adding space to their current home and making it more functional, again going over cost to their existing homes’ ideal updates. The couple gets to decide which avenue to take saving over 100,000 in staying put or venturing out on their own. Just like many who decide on home remodeling NJ, the couple decided to stay home-sweet home being that it would save them money and will give them more room in the end! Moving isn’t always the answer, renovating your home can save you a grip of money and adds the space you’ve been looking for, your home may have that ‘hidden potential’!