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Organizing Your Garage

The season is coming to an end and fall is near, this is a great time to get the garage organized. I don’t know about you, but my car has sat curbside or in the driveway all summer. My garage isn’t too cluttered but it needs some work. Come summer the kids are in and out all day riding bikes and skateboards. When the kids are done the bikes and skateboards end up sitting on the garage floor like that of a rug would in my living room. What to do now? It is time for me to get organized.

Come time for fall I store away the summer tools and toys and organize what the new season brings, other toys and tools! Some quick additions to your garage can keep you sane and make things easier for you. Install some hooks and racks to hang up bikes and those garden tools. The tools you don’t need so much store higher or in less accusable places. You will need your rake so place that on a hook that is easy to get to.

Just as hooks and racks are important to organize your garage, cabinets and storage totes are a great addition as well. If in your budget, building cabinets to store away summer toys, summer clothing, and chemicals or other like items is a great idea. To make things safe you can add locks to cabinet doors to keep the kids away from dangerous things. If the budget doesn’t permit installing cabinets, plastic totes will do. For items you know you will not need until spring or summer, place these items in the banisters of your garage. For items you need nearby, place them in totes that are easily accessible and label them accordingly.

Is there more room available then you need in your garage after organizing? A home office or an extra room may be built in your garage. Hiring a professional to do the dirty work is ideal if adding new additions to your home. Do your research if you will be looking into such a project.

Organizing your garage will benefit you in so many ways. Less stress in finding items, less stress in looking at less clutter, and an organized garage is a healthier option due to less dust in regards to allergies and less danger because chemicals or dangerous tools are out of the children’s way. You may even have room to add to your garage afterwards. I’m getting started this coming weekend. What ways can you get more organized?