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Accent Colors for Bathroom Walls

Modern Bathroom Vanity

Modern Bathroom Vanity

Many of today’s baths, especially in newly built homes in New Jersey, are plain white. This neutral hue is a safe choice for mass-produced places. (And is it any coincidence that the majority of today’s tubs and toilets are that same noncolor?). But let’s face it, these all-white baths run the risk of becoming boring. It doesn’t have to be that way, however. Whether you’re looking to stretch a small budget or blow it out completely, there’s a multitude of ways to add a splash of color and a stamp of personal style, at the same time.  Consider adding an accent wall to your bathroom.

Trends in accent colors

Adding an accent wall is a trend that has been around for a while.  It’s a fashion statement that can come into style quickly and leave quietly.  Right now, they are very stylish and here to stay.  Accent colors truly give a room personality.  These colors are often used to draw attention to specific architecture within a home. Sure, flat surfaces can be accented but anything in the room that adds dimension (edges, indentations, right angles) to an area will offer the best options and yield the most aesthetic results. The combination of colors will become a magnet for our eyes so take your time when choosing colors.  When guests come into a room with two colors, their attention is immediately drawn to the color coordination of the room.  It’s the first impression that burns an image into the mind of visitors entering your home.   An accent color is truly a personal preference by the homeowner and can be influenced by television shows and fashion magazines.   An easy way to decorate at a low cost is achieved by simple house painting.  Painting is a “budget conscience” dream.  A gallon of paint can change the tone of a room in an afternoon.  If you have narrowed your choice to a few colors, pick up the small sample containers that a paint store offers and paint square samples next to each other to give comparisons.  So instead of spending a day at the New Jersey shore, pick up a paint brush.  It will be work and not pleasure but the results will be pleasing!

 Color Combos

As the popularity of unique single colors became stylish, so does the popularity of color combinations.  Color combinations can be compared to picking new clothes along with accessory colors to match.  Every year there are “hot” colors that are vogue.  How many times have you heard someone say “that’s what is in style now”?  To stay current with fashion, it’s necessary to work in that “hot” color(s) into your life.

House painting is no different.  To be current and trendy, change is eminent unless you want to look dated. There will always be classic color combos that will not go out of style but they tend to get boring as time passes.  A lot of reds and burgundies are being used currently.  People tend to play it safe in the rest of the house, but they’re willing to do something bolder in a smaller space like the bathroom.  You can throw out the old decorating encyclopedia that states dark colors shouldn’t be used in small spaces. Breaking the rule often makes things more interesting and if you use paint with a slight sheen, it will reflect the room’s light and won’t appear as dark as it really is.  You can add color and texture to walls at the same time.

Paint Sheen and Bathroom Moisture

Regardless of what accent color(s) you choose, the paint sheen can affect the final color.  This list starts with the flattest, lowest sheen finish and works up to high-gloss. The higher the gloss, the better the paint sheen does in bathrooms.

  • Flat – Nice matte coating, but best in low-traffic areas where it is never or rarely touched. Absorbs moisture, so it is bad for bathrooms.
  • Eggshell – Slightly “sheeny” and more washable and scrubbable than flat. Like flat, eggshell is good for places without moisture.
  • Satin – Satin has a bit of a gloss, and can be used in low-moisture bathrooms, such as powder or guest bathrooms.
  • Semi-Gloss – Best sheen for any kind of bathroom. Repels moisture well.
  • High-gloss – Best for bathroom walls because high-gloss repels moisture almost as well as if your walls were coated in plastic. Downside is that high-gloss (in the opinion of some people) does not look good when spread out over large surfaces such as walls. Best for smaller surfaces like trim and cabinetry.

Paint Your Kitchen Yellow

Painting Kitchen

Yellow Kitchen

Choosing the perfect kitchen color can be quite overwhelming for some NJ home owners. When considering what color schemes are best for a particular kitchen, one needs to think about what type of mood they desire to set. As color trends for interior painting have changed over the years many new colors have been introduced for use in the kitchen. Yellow has long been a favorite color used in kitchens for years. But there are both pros and cons for using yellow in the kitchen area of a home. Only the homeowner can determine if it is the right color for their kitchen area. Here are some pros and cons for using yellow for kitchen painting projects. Continue reading

Best Paint for Interior Painting

Interior Paint colors

Interior Paint

Each room has its own décor and calls for various color schemes and furnishings. They also require different colors and types of paint for interior painting. Choosing the color is not usually too difficult as it will aesthetically match the room’s overall décor. Color choices can simply be a matter of taste in interior design. Choosing the right type of sheen can be the more difficult part of the selection since it will require both some practicality and also be a matter of style. Sheen refers to how much light will be reflected from the painted surface and the type of sheen used will be determined by how the space is used and the desired look. Continue reading

Interior Design Trends for 2013

Black and White Interior paint

Black and White Interior Paint

The year of 2013 is exciting in the world of interior design. The economy is making a little bit of a rebound and many homeowners are more willing to take on home remodeling and house painting projects. This year has opened up a whole new stylish flavor.  As we see over time the way we express ourselves in decorating changes. New colors and styles are making their way to the front. Here are a few of the popular trends in interior design.

Colors that are In

Some of the colors you will see used in house painting are going to look familiar. In 2012, we used a lot of bright oranges, tangerines and bright yellows. This year will capitalize on these already stylish colors, but they will be muted. It is very likely to see a lot of ambers and mellow yellows. Light and bright blues will be in this year. We may see a lot of periwinkle as well as some bright blues because they also offer a calming effect. Navy will be used when a sophisticated air is desired. And neutrals will still be used quite a lot but look for colors like smokey gray or light tan to be used a lot more. Red is still in this year and it is likely it will be seen in many home’s décor. Continue reading

Top Interior Paint Colors

Interior Paint in Blue

Interior Paint in Blue

Paint color is one of the most important considerations a homeowner may face when doing any type of home remodeling project. A room’s color is one of the most significant elements of interior design. The color used for interior painting can help create a particular mood for an area, add warmth to the room or help create the illusion of a larger or smaller space. There are some interior painting colors that seem to be regular favorites for homeowner’s home remodeling projects.

Standard White

White is so versatile that it can be used in virtually any situation. It has the effect of making a room seem lighter and can be used in almost any interior design scheme. It is complimentary of almost every decorating style and can also help rooms seem larger. Not only can it add light and freshness to a room but it is a favorite paint color for hotter climates or summer months as it can help the occupants feel cooler. Although white is a standard favorite, the disadvantage is that it can make a room feel too sterile or uninviting. However, it is a versatile color and this can be remedied by adding a small hint of color to it before painting. A small amount of red, blue, green or yellow can soften its starkness and provide just enough color to improve the interior design of the room. Continue reading

Top Paint Colors for 2013

Color Trends in Paint

Trending Neutral Shades

Color trends change from year to year as homes go for more modern looks. Many of the coming year’s home remodeling projects will certainly incorporate new interior painting color schemes. One reason that changes are in order is that many colors that used to be taboo are now very popular in interior design. The outlook appears to include bold and bright colors, some as part of the primary décor and other may use it to accent or compliment. Here are some of the main paint colors that are expected to be popular in 2013. Continue reading