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What is Modern Interior Design?

Modern design

Modern design

Modern interior design is a growing trend in today’s décor and the subject of many home remodeling projects. It is not a new type of design as it has been used in offices, homes and public areas for many years. Modern design is characterized by geometric patterns and by clean straight lines which are what is so appealing to homeowners. These features give an uncluttered look to the décor. The clean lines and simplicity offer an aesthetic style that is sleek and fashionable. Modern design is not the same thing as contemporary design which means the current shifting of trends and styles. Modern design is its own trend which has remained mostly constant over several decades. Continue reading

Modern Kitchen Design Video

The kitchen is arguably the most important room of the house; it is where you prepare your meals and where you spend time with your family enjoying the fruits of your labor.  Often the kitchen is a gathering place when friends or family visit and sometimes it is even a refuge where you can get some quiet to do work.

Having a modern kitchen can enhance the look and feel of your home and can even increase your homes’ value.  The following video contains some images of modern kitchens and can give you great ideas of the way you may want to design your modern kitchen.