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Paint Your Kitchen Yellow

Painting Kitchen

Yellow Kitchen

Choosing the perfect kitchen color can be quite overwhelming for some NJ home owners. When considering what color schemes are best for a particular kitchen, one needs to think about what type of mood they desire to set. As color trends for interior painting have changed over the years many new colors have been introduced for use in the kitchen. Yellow has long been a favorite color used in kitchens for years. But there are both pros and cons for using yellow in the kitchen area of a home. Only the homeowner can determine if it is the right color for their kitchen area. Here are some pros and cons for using yellow for kitchen painting projects. Continue reading

Best Color for a Modern Kitchen

One of the most important considerations in modern kitchen design is the blend of colors. The desire is always to make people feel welcomed and relaxed. Using fast food colors will give guests and family the sense that they need to eat and run. Developing a warm color theme, however, will achieve the opposite effect. Kitchen guests will feel comfortable and want to drink another cup of coffee, relax and visit awhile. The perfect color combination will use a balanced blend of traditional hues and a splash of modern colors.

When choosing the best colors for kitchen space there are factors to consider rather than just the cook’s favorite blends. Kitchen lighting and flooring must be considered to achieve the desired effects. These are some things that may need to be discussed with contractors so that great colors do not disappear into dark flooring and vice versa.

As a general rule kitchen appliances tend to be silver, white or black. This allows for the use of bright colors on walls, flooring or countertops. Usually, there is not a lot of wall space that will need painting, so it may be the perfect place to add that big splash of bolder colors so that it won’t end up being so intense that it overpowers the rest of the room.
Bolder colors on the walls can be very complementary of dark cabinets. Rich colors like copper, ginger and even gold tones can be a winning combination.

Modern kitchen design typically uses a three color combination to achieve the desired effect. One color, such as the bold choice, may be used on the wall. The secondary color may be an accent used in the design of kitchen flooring. And the third color will simply be an accent. This accent may be one of the most modern colors that were not used traditionally in kitchen designs. For example, throw in a nice cool pink as an accent when using a conventional rustic décor. It may add just the right touch.

Discuss options with interior designers and don’t be afraid to experiment with some unique color combinations.