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Trends in Classic Landscape Design

Poolside living and landscaping

Backyard landscape

Believe it or not, your landscaping tells a lot about the home owner and their characteristics.  Few outsiders get to see the inside of your home but anyone can observe the outside.  Whether you are in New Jersey or another state, a visual creates an immediate impression.  It’s like meeting someone for the first time.  It takes just a few seconds to form an opinion.  Your landscaping is no different. Continue reading

Trends in Backyard Water Features

Photo of Backyard Water Feature

Backyard Water Features

Backyard water features are becoming more popular.  They aren’t really considered a “new” enhancement as they have been around awhile but were not promoted or showcased as they are now.  Most Professional Landscapers can offer you this feature but not all will because it’s a skilled craft with an artistic flair.  The complexity of the water feature you desire will also dictate who you choose to build it.  It’s like anything else; the more complex a situation appears the more experience is required to achieve the end result.  This is not to say that a DIYer can’t take on this project.  Challenge yourself.  Part of being your own grounds keeper means doing projects (or attempting them) that are sometimes out of your comfort zone.  Let your creative juices flow. Nothing ventured nothing gained! Continue reading

Modern Landscape Design Features

Landscape Design

Landscape Design

Landscape design in NJ includes many design elements like line, form, color, texture and scale. How these all come into play in actual backyard landscaping is largely up to the preference and taste of the homeowner. In order to create the desired designs, homeowners may incorporate the use of various features that are strategically placed so that they achieve their decorating goals. There are many modern features which are used in today’s modern backyard landscaping design. Continue reading

Tips for Backyard Landscape Design

Backyard Landscape Design

Backyard Landscape Design

There are many different factors that must be considered when designing a backyard landscape. Most of the time, homeowners desire to change the overall look and feel of their home by changing their landscape design. Many times, a homeowner has entertaining in mind and wants a landscape design which makes it easier to serve and facilitate an evening with friends. It does not have to be a super involved task and in some cases, landscaping can be a do-it-yourself job. However, more intricate designs and those which require adding irrigation, waterscapes or hardscapes will require the help of a NJ landscaping professional. There are many different elements which must be considered when developing a backyard landscape design. Here are some tips for developing a landscape which can be enjoyed by everyone. Continue reading

How to Have a Beautiful Lawn

This is a guest post Written by Monika from Visit them online to find used lawn mowers and other garden and landscape equipment for sale.

If you dream about a beautiful thick lawn in your garden, there are certain activities that you have to perform: watering, mowing, fertilizing and weeding cannot be forgotten. Caring for the grass won’t take loads of time, but you have to do it on regular basis.


The best time for watering your lawn is early in the morning (the best time, actually) or in the evening, after sunset. It can and should be watered as well during hot afternoons if you spot the signs of withering. Otherwise, you should avoid it in the middle of a hot day as it is not economical – 30-40% of water will evaporate. The most difficult period and key stage for your lawn is the phase of plant emergence, when you have to remember about regular irrigation. In general, the best idea is to water the lawn rarely but heavily – once a week or every 3-4 days during dry spells. Daily irrigation is unnecessary and leads to developing shallow root system what makes the grass more prone to diseases. The first season is the most difficult; in subsequent years, the grass will be able to survive longer. During first three weeks after sowing, it is best to water manually. Later on you can use portable sprinklers, but it is important to change their setting often, as excessive watering causes leaching of nutrients.


The first mowing should be carried out when the grass reaches about 4 inches. It should be reduced to no less than 2 inches. Later you can gradually reduce the height, but keep in mind that you should never cut more than half of the plant. Frequent mowing results in better condition and appearance of the lawn. When the grass is cut regularly, but not too short, the loss of nutrients is limited.


Fertilization contributes to improving lawn color, density, and growth. Properly fertilized grass is more resistant to weeds competition and unfavorable weather conditions. The minerals that are important include: nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, sulfur, calcium, magnesium, and iron. The best time to apply fertilizers is when the grass is actively growing, and this is different for warm and cool season types. If you have weed or pest problem, you can buy a mixed combination of fertilizers and the necessary treatments.


The best way to fight with weeds is to get rid of them regularly. If there are not many of them, you can do it manually. In many cases simple mowing is enough to prevent undesirable plants grow and seed – for example dandelions or buttercups won’t reproduce if they don’t have a chance to blossom. If the weed problem gets serious you may have to use some chemical weed killers.

Summer Home Remodeling Projects

Summertime is always a good time to remodel your home. Depending on how much work needs to be done, home remodeling can include, demolition, cutting, sanding and house painting. On April 22, 2008, the EPA issued a rule that requires all contractors to use lead-free paint for house painting and other remodeling projects. The old kind of paint that contains lead was found to be hazardous to our health. During home remodeling, we are exposed to dust particles from lead paint which can cause lead poisoning or lung disorders.

Children are most susceptible to this kind of risk, which is why children’s furniture and toys also use lead-free paint nowadays. Regulations have become stricter now and another rule was passed in April 2010 that requires contractors working on homes, child care facilities and schools built before 1978 to be certified. They must also follow very specific work practices to avoid lead contamination and the spread of lead paint dust that children may later inhale or ingest.

Our company assures you of a hassle-free and professional House painting service that complies with today’s strict home remodeling regulations. We only use lead-free and non-toxic paint and practice safety measures to ensure a contamination-free environment after each project.

We have eliminated the usual problems that home owners experience during home remodeling projects by doing things right the first time around. It is quite common to discover hidden expenses and shoddy finished work with most contractors. Since 1988, we have gained a reputation of providing house painting services with the best experience in interior and exterior painting. You will be dealing with a stable company that offers home remodeling service before, during and after every project.

Other home remodeling services we offer aside from house painting are deck restoration, construction cleanup, and bird proofing, gutter maintenance, floor care, roofing, pressure washing, waterproofing, caulking, sealing, and window treatments installation, tinting and cleaning.

Backyard Remodeling Activities

Today’s backyard can be a place of leisure or a place to partake in enjoyable hobbies. Many backyards offer both; pure relaxation and fun filled activities. Activities that may speak best to you could be barbequing, playing sports, sitting by a fire, sitting by the water with good conversation, or planting your favorite flowers or vegetables in a nice simple garden. Summer is here and if your backyard isn’t ready for your plans it’s time to plan to remodel your backyard in a way that would set the right atmosphere for your wants and needs.

If you would like to set a relaxed atmosphere there are many backyard remodeling activities that you can work on. Create a pathway leading to a nice pond or waterfall that speaks to your inner needs of peace and quiet. If you want to relax with loved ones and ponds and waterfalls aren’t what you’re looking for, maybe a cabana would suite your needs with a comfy place to sit and unwind.

Some live a life of entertaining and there are many backyard remodeling activities that would better suite the need of yours to gather with friends and family. Build a patio, deck, or a porch that will allow you to entertain these guests of yours. What is backyard get together without food? Adding an outdoor kitchen, a fireplace for warmth and some treats like smores, or building a built-in- grill for a great barbeque would be ideal for those who enjoy entertaining others.

No matter your lifestyle and desires there is always a way to improve your atmosphere. Here I listed some ideas to get you started on created a haven for your lovely home. What remodeling activities would better your backyard experience? Please share by commenting below.

Deciding what to remodel

Have you grown tired of your home’s interior appearance that you feel like you would want to do something about it? If yes, you’re part of the general American population who feel exactly the same way towards their home. There’s no difference if you have been living in your home for the last 5 years or you may have just moved in a couple of years ago. It will just strike you that there’s a part of you that’s just yearning to be heard; an urge if you will that just wants to be quenched. I guess it’s only human nature to aspire for continuous improvement.
The next question to come is what exactly do you want changed? What is it that you want to achieve given that you have a certain budget for it? Do you want to remodel your room or the entire house? Do want to transform your old kitchen to a modern kitchen? Do want wood flooring or do you prefer carpets to adorn your living space? Do you want to convert your extra room to a home office or a home theater maybe? Do you want a wine cellar or wet bar in your basement or do you want to undergo an entire basement remodeling? Do you want a bathtub or do you simply want an elegant glass shower enclosure in your bathroom? Do you want additional shelves built or do you think a cabinet is better fit for the job? Do you want to repaint or simply add wall papers? This list of questions can go on and on and chances are you will still discover new things and technologies that you will want every time you watch TV programs and read in magazines about home and lifestyle that further adds to the confusion. Fun isn’t it?
Whatever it is that you encounter, it is important to settle once and for all the question regarding the reason why you want to initiate a home improvement project. Is it only because you want a change of view or do you have plans of selling your home and you’re just investing right now to add value to it? Questions again I know, but if you could tackle this question first and foremost, you will soon discover that the other questions will be easier for you to answer and hence it can help you make the right decision.

Hiring a professional landscaper

When you think of hiring a landscaper do you think of the basic lawn mowing, weed eating, and such? Well landscaping is much more then that, what about deck installation, a swimming pool, the design of your yard’s layout, and maybe a covered patio or an outdoor BBQ? All these wondrous works of art are all an important piece of a professional landscaper’s services.
Some landscapers do it all, while others specialize in a piece of the landscaper’s wondrous puzzle. While one professional may do deck installations exclusively, the other may do decks, swimming pools and outdoor BBQs. You may want to hire one professional landscaping business to do it all or several professional landscapers to do the job as a whole. It is important to look at their past work in deciding how you want to distribute the work that needs to be done.
Let’s say you got the patio and pool out the way but want to landscape the yard in a beautiful array. Maybe you would like a hill to the left with a sitting area and trail leading down to a pond or the pool that you’ve already had built. Have a professional design a beautiful layout for you and decide from there who to hire for what task.
I prefer to use one professional landscaping contractor for all of my work that needs to be done, but at times this isn’t a good idea as noted above. Sometimes one landscaper is better in one area then the other, maybe they have more experience in a specific area or specialize in that specific task that you need completed. Many times if you don’t know who to turn to in this case, the professional landscaper may have sub contractors they work with or have recommendations for you.
In the end, do your homework and have a plan. Make sure the plan drawn out by your landscaper best suits your needs and meets your expectations. Be reasonable in the time expected to get the work completed making sure the job is done in a professional and quality way. Following these tips will bring to you a beautiful landscaped haven and peace of mind in the end.

Must haves for your dream home

There are must haves in purchasing your dream home or turning your current home into your dream home! Important factors in choosing your dream home or making your current home into your dream home are flooring, landscape, glassworks, interior and exterior finishes! Things that should come into mind making your home a dream come true is comfort, beauty, and what is practical in case you later sell or want to live in this home for the rest of your years.

Flooring is the base of your home. Again, thinking comfort, beauty, and about what is practical when it comes to flooring. ‘Wood flooring suits most homes because it’s affordable, beautiful, ups the value of your home, and feels warm and comforting when in a room with wood flooring. Maintenance for wood floors is easy as well. Maybe you want wood flooring in the main areas of your home but want carpet in your rooms so that you can feel comfortable walking around your room without socks or slippers, the cold feet factor! In deciding upon flooring these factors should be decided upon and integrated into your home.

Landscape is an important factor as well. Sure you can work on the landscape as you go, but making sure the base of the property is aligned with your wants and needs would be important in choosing your dream home. If your dream home is that of a beautiful landscaped yard with many flowers and a long pathway to your front door, it wouldn’t make much sense to purchase a home in the dry desert or a home that was close to the road.

Glassworks, interior and exterior design make a home just that, home! Choosing the right glassworks in regards to your personal taste, durability, and your locations needs is of great importance. On top of choosing the right glassworks for your needs exterior and interior designs play an important part and should be thought of while choosing your glasswork design and material as well. Think of your location, the message you want to speak when others view your home, what materials and colors would comfort you and cost can help you chose the right materials to get you to the means of a dream home.

Plan ahead, have fun and dream big because your home is counting on you!