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Media Room Design Trends

Media Room Trends

Media Room Trends

Media rooms are popping up in homes everywhere nowadays. There was a time when the television set was put where it was convenient like a living room or a family room. The stereo went where it could be used on a regular basis and things like computers and video games were found in offices and bedrooms. Today these components are being brought together in special rooms known as media rooms.

Media room designs in Livingston can have many components. They can have things like a television set or a projector, a video game system, a stereo and sound system, special lighting, special seating and a sound system. All of it depends on the space, wants and budget of the homeowner. Continue reading

What is a Media Room?

media roomIt used to be that families would take family vacations every year, go out on the weekends and do many outdoor activities. With the rise of video games and home theaters, more and more families are staying home.  Out of home theatres, a new room is arising. It is the media room.

So what is a media room? The definition of a media room in Morris County can vary slightly from home to home. They should not be confused with a home theater which is dedicated to watching movies and is usually set up like a theater. However, media rooms all have a home theater component in common. By this I mean that there is a television or projector and screen in the room and the seating is set up to watch movies on these devices. Continue reading