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Lighting for a Modern Kitchen

There are a few ways to brighten up your kitchen, and changing the kitchen lighting is only one of them. Contemporary lighting styles have changed much in recent years along with more modern kitchen design. There are many alternatives to use when remodeling kitchen lighting. Recessed spotlights can be added to help illuminate key work areas. Adding lighting over key kitchen features like a sink or a work island can help lighten up the kitchen. Changing the lighting is a great option, but don’t over look a couple of other choices when considering home remodeling.

When redecorating the kitchen painting the walls a bright, but neutral color can brighten up the entire space. Choose a solid taupe, white or other pale tones which will help the room seem much brighter. Use bold and warm colors to accent.

Changing the kitchen countertop by selecting one that will reflect light will help lighten the kitchen. One of the newest choices in modern kitchen design is stainless steel. Not only is it easy to clean and maintain as a countertop, but it will tend to reflect light upwards which will make the kitchen area much brighter. Another choice in countertops is granite. It has a type of glossy shine that will give the same effect. These types of features will add to the quality of your kitchen as well as increase the overall value of the home.

Another way to brighten up the kitchen is by changing the kitchen cabinets. White is one of the more popular colors in modern kitchen design. It works well to use on the cabinet doors. It will improve the light in the area. Taupe, or other neutral colors, on the wall will cause white cabinets to stand out. Using bright and bold colors for fixtures and fittings can be used to add contrast.

If it is possible adding even a small window can lighten the area as well. It can be over the sink or near the door but it can let some natural light in the room. A skylight can be added if a wall window is out of the question. This can save space and add some ventilation.

When to Remodel Your Kitchen

When considering home remodeling, perhaps one of the most difficult things to know is when to remodel the kitchen. It’s easy to see all the cosmetic reasons to hire a contractor. But there can be some other reasons that one might consider a total redo.

If you keep finding that you just don’t have the workspace for common projects, then it may be time for a more modern kitchen design that will maximize space. It may just take a repositioning of an appliance or two to give enough added countertop and cabinet space to be beneficial. The shape of the counter or counter tops may need to be redesigned to offer more available work space.

For those who enjoy entertaining guests or have more than one residential chef, there may need to be an increase of space in the main work areas of the kitchen. This allows for some socialization while preparing and consuming a meal. More hands make the load lighter too, and cooking can become a family affair if there is enough space for more than one in the kitchen.

There are plenty of options to explore if you want to redesign the kitchen area if entertainment is part of your routine. A kitchen redo can be combined with other types of home remodeling. Taking out a partition can serve two purposes. It can open up space between the kitchen area and another room. Depending on floor designs it may also be possible to create a half wall which can also double as a small counter top for actions such as additional serving space.

Kitchen lighting can be an ongoing problem that may be solved with a cabinet redesign. Adding a light fixture may be all that is needed. But if kitchen space is being increased and work areas maximized you may want to consider a total makeover of the kitchen lighting system as well. Adding a fixture over the sink or island work area can make a lot of difference in how enjoyable cooking can be.
These are just a sample of the reasons that may be indicators that it is time for a kitchen redo.