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Eco Friendly Pool Design

Pool construction going green

Pool construction going green

More and more families are searching for eco-friendly and green ways to create a modern pool design in their backyards. There are several options with minor pool renovations in Stamford, CT to create this type of design. A few tips and tricks are below. These will help you to get some ideas to create a natural, eco-friendly oasis in your space. These can be safe at the same time, with a few safety measures being put in place. Continue reading

Modern Pool Design Trends

a-grand-entranceA swimming pool is an addition to a backyard space that serves multiple purposes. Most families consider a pool design that is safe, especially when children are present. In homes where the children are grown, other options might warrant a pool renovation. The endless options to pool designs, both modern and abstract, leave everything to the imagination to create the perfect oasis. Continue reading