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Prepare Your Home For Summer

Porch Setting Outside your Home

Porch Setting

The hazy, hot, and humid summer will soon be upon us.  We need to change gears and be ready.  This is where storage space in your house is a premium feature.  If you don’t have the storage space in your home, there is usually a storage lease facility close to you.  They seem to have a huge client base.   You can design your storage so that your keep each seasons accessories in predetermined spots.  That is for the “ultra organizer”. Continue reading

What is Modern Exterior Design?

Modern Design

Modern Exterior Design

The exterior portions of a home do not always get as much attention as the interior parts, but it is not any less important. There are many different design plans that can be used to develop the exterior of the NJ home. Modern exterior design is popular because of its space saving qualities. Modern design for the exterior of the home resembles modern interior design in that it uses geometric shapes and lines and takes the minimalist approach to developing the design. This type of home design will help bring in the right balance between aesthetic appearance and functionality. Exterior lighting and landscape designs will be complimentary of other design elements such as residential painting. Continue reading