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Top Exterior Paint Colors

enamelpaintsThe top exterior paint colors for 2014 are likely to vary depending on the region of the US that you live in. In northern New Jersey, for instance, colors of the cape are likely to be prevalent. This means that light blues with white trim and creamy yellows with white trim are likely to be common. White homes with a traditional black trim and bright red door should also be considered as a top trend. This year it’s back to the basics when it comes to exterior paint colors for the home.

Color of the Year for 2014

The color of the year is called A Breath of Fresh Air. It is a very light, pale blue. This color is pleasing to the eye and has a very calming effect. It is also quite versatile when it comes to complementing trim colors. Continue reading

Bright Colors for Winter Painting

enamelpaintsAs the temperature begins to slide down, freezing winds flow around, leaves fall and snow blankets gardens and all things green, some people start to feel depressed. Combat the winter blues by changing the interior design of your home. It may be cold and gray outside, but in your home, color reigns supreme.

Paint the walls specifically for winter months. Go through color swatches and choose the brightest color that suits your taste. Don’t be afraid of vibrant color. It can be toned down in summer with accent pieces and will stand out boldly in winter. One tip, make sure you stick with the same color tone, like pastel or jewel tones. Mixing and matching makes a home look patchwork and unorganized. Amethyst purple, sapphire blue and ruby red can flow from one room to another beautifully. Ruby red and pastel green is too stark of a change from room to room. Continue reading

Pink as an Accent Color

pink accentsPink can be bold and sassy or soft and sweet. It can add a punch of color to almost any space, indoor or outdoor. The challenge with pink is to make sure the theme remains classy and not cartoony.

As an exterior accent color, pink is easy. Flowers come in all shades of pink, from deep magenta to soft rose. Simply choose a focal point, such as a stone bench or bird feeder, and plant a few pink flowers around it. Your rose garden can bloom with shades of pink, and give a sweet sent to the air. You can also keep pink outdoors by having your patio furniture upholstered in a shade of pink. Paler shades work best, since the furniture will be exposed to the elements and may fade. Pink-veined granite, quartz, and other natural stones can be subtle touches of pink without seeming deliberate. Continue reading

Paint Your Kitchen Yellow

Painting Kitchen

Yellow Kitchen

Choosing the perfect kitchen color can be quite overwhelming for some NJ home owners. When considering what color schemes are best for a particular kitchen, one needs to think about what type of mood they desire to set. As color trends for interior painting have changed over the years many new colors have been introduced for use in the kitchen. Yellow has long been a favorite color used in kitchens for years. But there are both pros and cons for using yellow in the kitchen area of a home. Only the homeowner can determine if it is the right color for their kitchen area. Here are some pros and cons for using yellow for kitchen painting projects. Continue reading

How to Increase my Home’s Value



Obtaining a property appraisal is an important step in purchasing or selling a home. Getting an inaccurate appraisal can mean the house sits on the market for a lot longer.  And the property appraisal definitely influences whether or not you can get a mortgage approved. An appraiser will give a home value based on other comparable houses, plumbing, electrical fixtures, curb appeal and the overall condition of the property. There are some home remodeling projects that can help increase the value of your home. It is important to know what types of improvements will actually increase the value of the home. Continue reading

Top Exterior Paint Colors

Exterior Paint

Neutral Paint Colors

The whole exterior design of a home can be changed simply by using a new exterior paint color in your next home remodeling project. Color trends change over time and yet there are some colors that remain standards in exterior home design. Color schemes can change according to the neighborhood, home design, homeowner’s preference or just the current trends. Colors for exterior painting can also change according to whether or not the house is to be appraised and put back on the market. Here are some of the most used color trends in exterior design today. Continue reading

Top Paint Colors for 2013

Color Trends in Paint

Trending Neutral Shades

Color trends change from year to year as homes go for more modern looks. Many of the coming year’s home remodeling projects will certainly incorporate new interior painting color schemes. One reason that changes are in order is that many colors that used to be taboo are now very popular in interior design. The outlook appears to include bold and bright colors, some as part of the primary décor and other may use it to accent or compliment. Here are some of the main paint colors that are expected to be popular in 2013. Continue reading

Benefits of Bathroom Remodeling

Remodeled Bathroom

Remodeled Bathroom

There are many aspects to consider before taking on a bathroom remodeling project of any kind. Sometimes it may not seem like it is worth the cost or the effort; and there are probably quite a few pros and cons that are worth considering before beginning such a sizable interior design project. However, it is highly likely that in the end you will find that the pros will outweigh the cons by a long shot. Actually, you and your home will both benefit from a bathroom remodeling project. Here are some of the ways that this type of home remodeling project is beneficial. Continue reading

Interior Design Trends for Women

Decorative Details

Decorative Details in Bathroom Decor

With the current economic climate, many people are choosing home remodeling projects over purchasing and moving to a new location. Women are making a move toward some interesting design trends that offer a great level of comfort with an element of elegance and luxury. They enjoy expressing themselves with unique color combinations and exciting ideas for interior design and decorating. The latest interior design trends allows for a lot of freedom and creativity. New color schemes allow for the use of bright and dark colors that once were taboo in the home decorating scene. There are several feminine trends worth talking about. Continue reading

Interior Design Trends for Men

Neutral Colors

Bathroom in Neutral Colors

Man is a logical creature so when we think about interior design for men, we need to make sure that the space is very well used, practical and functional without overlooking comfort. It is important to spend adequate time planning a room or home remodeling project. Think about all the elements that will need to be in the room; furnishings, color scheme and paint colors, accessories and adequate storage space. If we put all this together into an interior design scheme for men, we will find that their need will be met when we concentrate on these three areas: functionality, personality and comfort. Continue reading